Food pr0n… Thursday?

16 August, 2007 at 3:00 pm (food)

(Go with me here. I still haven’t finished those stupid socks. And it boggles the mind how I can knit one sock in a day and then take a week on the second.)

I love tortilla chips. They’re crunchy and satisfying and they’re good with salsa or dip or a bit of cheese melted on top, and when I’m in true teenager mode I make pizza nachos, which really, given the opportunity, I could live off of forever. Or at least until I’m out of college.

So when I made chili the other night, and discovered *gasp!* that I was, in fact, out of tortilla chips, I was understandably disappointed. I’m gluten intolerant, so I can’t eat crackers or bread with my chili, and the chips often serve as an all purpose replacement for those things.

But then I thought, ‘I have tortillas, why don’t I just… chipify them? It can’t be that difficult.’ And, in fact, it wasn’t. I cut up a couple of tortillas, spread the pieces out on a baking sheet, added some salt, tossed into the oven for about ten minutes, and, dare I say it, they’re better than store bought.

I will be making these again. And again. And again.

(I’m going travelling all over on trains in the next two days, so the socks should be done by weekend.)



  1. Pam said,

    Oh, those look delicious!!

  2. wonky said,

    Chipify! Brilliant!

    Those do look tasty, hmmm I have some leftover tortillas in the freezer….

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