How to cure second sock syndrome.

17 August, 2007 at 10:55 am (knitting)

Step one: spend two hours on three different trains going into Penn Station. (insert modified version of the Lord’s Prayer here asking to ‘lead us not into Penn Station.’)

Step two: spend five hours waiting in Penn Station for a friend that never shows up.

Step three: spend two more hours on three different trains coming home, worrying all the while about said friend, who is Not From This Country, so who knows what evils might befall her.


Full story details and actual good pictures of the socks to come when I’m not dead tired and I don’t have to catch another train in an hour.


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  1. piafyn said,

    Wonderful socks you made – but take a look at this link – ½ down the page…. I thougt that i made my own unique handdyed and handspun sock yarn 😉 hard to believe that it isn’t the same yarn we have used…

    to verify that it’s really my own yarn – here is here is a link to th spinning proces 1/3 down the page…. the color at the finished skein is totally wrong – but the color on the bobbins is ok

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