Things I learned while knitting these socks

19 August, 2007 at 12:16 am (caturday, FO, knitting)

1. Non-knitters do not appreciate the idea of knitting while standing on a subway. (I promise I did not kill anyone with my Addis, although I came close to stabbing one guy in the kidney when he would not stop singing along to whatever crap was playing on his iPod.)

2. People do, however, find the idea of knitting while sitting on a subway completely charming, especially when it’s a teenager with a lipring. (I got no less than five questions about what I was knitting and/or stories of mothers/grandmothers/great aunt’s sister’s cousin’s college roommates who knit.)

3. There really is nowhere to sit in Penn Station, especially not during rush hour. (Okay, there are restaurants and stuff, but I wasn’t about to buy some food just to go have a seat, plus I wanted to be visible to be able to meet my friend.)

4. The express High Bridge train is not actually all that much faster, especially when it goes straight through a thunderstorm that includes hail.

5. My parents are overprotective in a way that is both annoying and totally awesome. (but seriously, I can walk a half a mile through upper-middle class suburbia at midnight on my own without encountering any trouble. I have pointy sticks and pepper spray.)

6. My friends can knit better than I can.

(That is a tiny dinosaur. Standing on a quarter. Go take out a quarter and marvel at how small the tinosaur must be to fit on said quarter. My hands are hurting just thinking about it.)

7. The layout I have on this here blog is too narrow for the width I usually use on horizontal pictures. Damn.

8. Handknit socks are so damn comfortable that I can’t even bring myself to be bothered by the fact that the stripes don’t match at all.

(Trekking XXL, colour 109, US1.5 42″ (? I think) Addi Turbos, 60 stitches, top down, completion time: a week)

[edit] Oh! How could I forget? Today is Caturday:
Caturday 4/08 3



  1. knittingnoob said,

    I love those socks, especially the colors, wow, so pretty.

    But that dino blows my mind! Is there a pattern or is it from a book? My kids would die!

  2. bluepeninsula said,

    Love your socks!

  3. jpknits said,

    Lovely socks. And because they’re fraternal, you have twice the loveliness to admire.

  4. Grace said,

    Love the socks! I personally like how the stripes don’t match. That dino is super cute too.

    PS Your cat is so cute!

  5. silencepainter said,

    Caturday! How cute!

    I really like your socks, the colors are awesome.

  6. Zonda said,

    Love those socks!! Cute kitty!

  7. bufanditas said,

    Awesome colors, cute dinasour, and you’re right, there is nothing better than a pair of handknitted socks on your feet.

  8. Cathy-Cate said,

    Tinosaur! Snort-giggle!
    Socks look great, awesome job.
    I have a shawl-cat/lolcat on my post today….

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