I’ve got it bad.

21 August, 2007 at 5:36 am (knitting)

… Startitis, that is. My trekking socks were started because I needed some travel knitting; I intended to get back to my three long term projects as soon as I finished them. But I finished the socks while I still had some traveling to do, and none of my long term projects are really appropriate for train knitting. Mini Clap is just mindless enough to be boring, not enough to let me do other things while I knit. Forest Path Stole I probably could have knit on the train, but I also probably would have sent my needles flying at some point and killed someone. Also, I did not want to run into a beaded panel and try to juggle those on the subway. Angelina also might have been acceptable, except for the fact that one sleeve currently looks like this:


and I’ve been putting off dealing with that mess for a while now. So on my way out the door on Friday morning I grab some sock yarn and on the platform waiting for the train, I cast on.

(sorry for the terrible picture–I thought it was difficult to get a shot of both feet, but it turns out it’s even harder to just get one in there.)

Now, I have four options: I can crank out the second sock for this pair. I can fix up my Angelina and keep working on it. I can slog through the boringness of the Mini Clap. I can put in some time on the Forest Path Stole (and I have no clue why that one’s not holding my interest, but it’s not, at all.)

So why do I want to cast on for some endpaper mitts?


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