progress, maybe.

3 September, 2007 at 4:48 pm (knitting)

Endpaper mitts go fast–maybe way too fast.

So fast that I don’t notice that my gauge is wonky and there’s a whole heck of too much fabric there to cover my rather tiny wrists until after I finish most of the thumb. It looks fine from some angles:
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but it certainly doesn’t feel as snug as I think it’s supposed to, and if I so much as breathe, it’s holy fabric, batman!
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sigh. At least my floats are even.

So I can either finish it and pray that by some miracle, blocking shrinks them down to the right size (unlikely), or I can rip out two days of work and go down a needle size. And I’m not even old enough to have a good strong drink while I do it, as frequently recommended by fellow knitters.

Speaking of age, however, I do have a little contest. In approximately eleven days I officially become a year older. It’s really not hard to figure out my age, since I have it posted a couple of places, so I can’t make you guess that. I have to go for something a bit more challenging. So, from now until the day itself (that’s 14th September, for those of you keeping track), I’m going to post a clue in every post about the age that people tend to guess that I am (which is quite different from the age I actually am.)

Rules are a little something like this:
-Two guesses per person. You can wait ’til all the clues are posted or you can make a guess right off the bat, or somewhere in between, but you can’t change your guesses once they’ve been made.
-If more than one person guesses correctly I’ll do a random name drawing. I may do a random name drawing from the incorrect guesses, as well.
-Your prize will be:
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One skein of Malabrigo worsted, enough to make a mini clap of your very own. (for those of you wondering how I got mine to be a mini, I only worked one and a half sets of increase rows, then knit the straight section until I decided I couldn’t take it anymore it was long enough.)

Today’s clue? The number of digits in n! is equal to n. (n = the number you’re trying to guess, for those of you who are not mathy.)



  1. chemgrrl said,

    Well, they *look* pretty, if that makes you feel any better. And you floats are mahvarlous! But, yeah, you probably have to rip. Sorry.

  2. Sarah said,

    Okay, I just wandered over from the knittyboard and seriously, you get like 37 cool points for the mathiness (presumably, people think you are either 1 or 22). I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday!

  3. Grace said,

    I think that your Endpaper mitts look fab! I don’t know if you should rip them back or not, but I love the yarn you are using. I definitely think people think you’re 22… I haven’t thought about factorials since college.

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