I can’t even think of a good title, here.

7 September, 2007 at 10:18 pm (caturday, knitting)

(This post is mostly pictures with commentary. I apologise for not being more loquacious but I have two essays to write and I’ve never ever written one before so I’m panicking just a tiny bit here.)

I am still quite happily endpapering along:

But this weekend I am working on a top secret project that is actually a ridiculously old WIP.

I’ll talk more about it when it’s finished, hopefully on Monday.

I also picked up this awesome eight dollar recorder for my fourth grade for college studentsintro to music class.

I am trying not to give into the temptation to knit a cozy for it. Trying very, very hard.

The best thing about it, though?

Kitty thinks it’s a bird.

(n is not a prime number, by the way.)



  1. Alice said,

    I love the colors in your secret project! And why resist the urge… a recorder cozy would rock!

  2. Janis said,

    Love the wristwarmers – or will they be mittens? Beautiful colorwork! And the colors in that … mystery piece of entrelac — oooooooooooo, ahhhhhhhh!

  3. Artsygal said,

    Whee.. all those eleventy billion math classes I took in college before changing my major from math to art were all there to lead me to this contest weren’t they?

    I’ll hazard a guess based on clues so far: 24. Long live the spreadsheets in google documents for helping me arrive at that. End paper mitts look lovely btw. And I think I have one of those rediculously old projects too. The same one. Mine is shoved in the naughty corner though.

  4. Alarid said,

    You have the cutest cat ever!

  5. Nicole said,

    From the clues so far, I’m guessing 24 (and I love the math clues, by the way. It’s like review, only more fun).

    The mitts look great. I think you should knit a recorder cozy. Or several… maybe one for each day of the week?

    Sometimes I’m weird like that.

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