If only my laptop were soft and squishy.

9 September, 2007 at 10:04 pm (FO, knitting)


Pattern: my own (see below for basic notes)
Yarn: Di’Ve Teseo in ?? (purple, obviously)–3 skeins, and a couple dozen yards of Cascade 220 superwash in black for the edging
Needles: US10.5 circs, 6mm crochet hook for edging
Duration: too damn long, also known as over a year.

The concept behind this thing is pretty basic; I knit two panels of entrelac roughly the same dimensions as my laptop (actually a little smaller, because entrelac stretches quite a bit) then attached them.


The original edging that attached the two panels was on there for a good eight months, and it was hideous. Some slightly fuzzy bulky black yarn, haphazard picked up stitches, some sort of three or four or twelve needle bind-off that made the whole thing twist and buckle weirdly. I finally got up the nerve to replace it, and I’m glad I did–my finishing skills have obviously improved.


First I loosely basted three of the four edges together, then I took a crochet hook (the only one I own) and did some sort of crochet thingy all the way around with two strands of the 220 held together. That’s really as technical as I can get about it, unfortunately, as I just made loops and chains until it looked right. Then I removed the waste yarn, did the same crochet loops until it looks right around the open side, adding in an extra chain here and there for buttonholes.

The buttons themselves I stolerecycled from an old shirt.

The finished product looks pretty awesome, I must admit. My only problem is that my lappy is a clunky six pounds, which makes me wary about actually carrying it in anything other than a hard case. I’m half considering making a pillowform to put in it instead, which leads me to the title of this post.

if I do leave it as a laptop case, I have plans to cannibalizerecycle an old belt to use as a carrying strap.

(n is divisible by its digits, the sum of its digits, and the product of its digits. Yes, I am that much of a math geek–just wait until the next clue, it gets worse.)



  1. Cathy-Cate said,

    I popped in just to say how cool your entrelac laptop cozy looks! I love the purple shading. I get the concept of entrelac, but am kind of resisting doing it until I teach myself mirror image knitting.

    So, just by wanting to compliment you, I found the contest! And today’s clue, I think, gave it away — people guess you’re 24?
    I love the symmetry of today’s clue! Cool!

  2. Emilee said,

    Well that looks pretty awesome, whatever it is!

  3. jupiterjessica said,

    My guess is 24! Weee!

    By the way, love the laptop cover. Too cool! Great job. 🙂

  4. Danielle said,

    It’ll be perfect for falling asleep in the library with your head on the computer….

  5. Alice said,

    Wow it turned out great! That yarn looks amazing in enterlac.

  6. chemgrrl said,

    I want to change my guess, but I’m holding out for the next clue. We do get two guesses, right?

    Love the purpley goodness of the laptop bag.

  7. Batty said,

    That’s almost too cool-looking for a laptop case. Unless you agree to store the laptop in it whenever possible and display it proudly in a spot where it adds to your decor!

  8. Jen said,

    That laptop case is awesome! And the new edges look very professional. SO much nicer than some ready-made one, and quite a bit more interesting to look at than a felted one, which is the only other kind I’ve seen. So cool!

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