B minus three and counting.

11 September, 2007 at 9:51 pm (knitting, life)

(I got nearly 120 hits on my blog on Monday, which kind of stuns me. If even a quarter of you stick around I need to start being far more entertaining…)

I always get antsy around my birthday, I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s the presents.

(These and a pair of boots and a trip up to Rhinebeck are my birthday presents from my family this year. How cute will those shoes look with handknit socks? Especially striped ones? And they were fifteen bucks at Target. The boots? Thirty bucks. I can’t resist a good deal even when someone else is paying for it.)

Maybe it’s getting older, although I never actually feel any older on or after the day itself.

(This was a combination graduation and birthday present from my best friend–she made the thing by hand, which astounds me every time I put it on, and I wear it every day. Um, please ignore the fact that it needs polishing.)

Maybe it’s just me being me; so many of my friends and acquaintances consider birthdays to be boring, stupid things to get excited over, because it is just another day, after all. But I can’t help it. I’m overjoyed at the fact that I’ve survived another year, and look at how many things I’ve done and how many ways I’ve changed in that year. I’ve become a better me. I’ve accomplished things I never thought I could do–things that so many people in the world never will do. And I think that’s reason enough to celebrate.

But you’re here for the knitting content, aren’t you? Well, fine then! *sniff*

I finished chart B in class today, and soon I hope to start the ribbing, but I have to do some math first, because I won’t be knitting a full repeat of chart A. You see, I normally wear anywhere from four to six rings on my left hand and one to three on my right, and I discovered that if I knit all of chart A, and then the ribbing, well:

That would be snag-city. And no one would see my rings! So I need to work out something to prevent that from happening. I think if I do a half inch or so more of the pattern and then a half inch of ribbing (and I don’t even know what the pattern calls for, here, maybe I should look that up) it’ll be okay. And if I’m very lucky I’ll have this one mitt done by the weekend. Then I can… make another one. Dang. Second Mitten Syndrome, anyone?

(Today is the final clue, because I have to finish that stupid paper and I won’t get a chance to post again before late Friday/Saturday. The clue is picture of me:

although admittedly I’m looking at this picture and wondering how in the hell anyone mistakes me for the age they do. I look so… teenager-ish. Oh, and yes, chemgrrl, you have another guess, but I’m afraid this one last clue may not help you much…)



  1. aruni said,

    people were right that your last clue seems to give it away…24? but how could anyone think you’re 24?

    in any case, happy birthday!

  2. Grace said,

    The last cute was really helpful and I am going to have to use my second guess to say that people think you’re 24! I was thrown off by the n! question. I didn’t even think to look that there could be multiple answers. Anyways I am totally loving the endpaper mitts and that ring is amazing!

  3. chemgrrl said,

    Hmph. I was hoping for a really math-geeky clue. Well, I *guess* your schoolwork should come before your blog. 😉

    I, too, will guess 24. But how can anybody think you’re 24? You look about 18 to me.

    Hippo birdie to ewe!

  4. Danielle said,

    Cake, gifts, lots of people emailing/calling you, and beer/dancing… what’s not to love about your birthday??

  5. Alice said,

    Yep, I’m guessing 24 from the previous clues. Good luck with your paper!

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