Today is the day.

14 September, 2007 at 8:41 pm (food, life)

Today I am officially Old. Not because nineteen is an old age to be, not at all–it’s because I’m nineteen.

The age that people tend to guess me to be? Twenty-four. I don’t see it, either; my mum says it’s because I have ‘presence’. I think it’s because most of my friends are in their early to mid twenties so I’m considered older by association. Insert illicit but actually not all that interesting tales about getting into NC-17 movies when I was fifteen, here… Oh, but I promised a winner, didn’t I? Well, a carefully constructed mathematical algorithm (ha, I used told me that artsygal should get the yarn. And get it she shall! Along with some other goodies…

Since today is my birthday and this week’s blogstalking theme is about, well, me, let’s talk a bit about me, shall we?

1. I was born at 11:41AM, Wednesday, 14th September, 1988.

2. Things happened. I grew up a bit.

3. Not much has changed between then and now, really.

To answer the question (who am I?) more specifically, I am a knitter, a student, a musician (kind of), a friend, a sister, an aunt, but above all, a teenager (for another year, at least).

I’ll have actual knitting content and some Caturday tomorrow, while I try to recover from a huge (but fabulous!) dinner, as well as two pieces of cake:




  1. Alice said,

    Happy Birthday! Hope you had a great day, and the cake looks deeeee-lish.

  2. Pam said,

    Happy birthday! The cake looks awesome!

  3. Jessica said,

    That cake looks amazing! Happy Birthday!

  4. ZantiMissKnit said,

    that cake looks GOOD. Happy belated birthday!

  5. Alarid said,

    You were the cutest kid ever!

  6. Jo said,

    Happy Belated Birthday! I can’t believe you were born as I was starting 11th grade! That cake looks yummy…

  7. purple_niko said,

    Happy Birthday!
    I agree that you look older than 19…I got the same thing when I was your age – and all of my friends were older than me, too. It must be the older-by-association thing.

  8. discoknits said,

    Jesh, you are too freaking cute – as a baby AND as a teenager (for one more year – hang on to it). Before you know it you will be twice that age, like me and saying where did the time go?! I had the opposite to your problem, I was 18, looking 12!!! That problem has disappeared now though! šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚

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