A little more in depth.

19 September, 2007 at 7:58 pm (blogstalking)

Who am I? Everyone else was putting together such lovely, detailed posts that I felt a little left out, even though I did a brief bit on it on Saturday. So here’s a bit more insight into Jesh.

I am gluten intolerant.

That means that I can’t have anything containing wheat, rye, barley, oats, or any derivatives of the above– no malt, for example, which usually comes from barley. No beer, no soy sauce (which is brewed with wheat, although there is a very expensive wheat free brand of tamari that I pick up on occasion), no bread (unless I want to spend $7 for a loaf of barely decent frozen rice bread), no putting anything in my mouth without carefully inspecting the label. It’s tough, and everyone always marvels at my ability to resist gluten filled foods, but my health is worth it. Seriously–if that one little ravioli made you violently ill, depressed, and exhausted for several weeks you wouldn’t eat it either. Mmmmm, but I do miss ravioli…

I am a maths geek.

I am the youngest person in my calc class by at least two years, but I still managed the highest score (9.5/10) on our first quiz. Go me.

I can solve a slider puzzle in thirteen seconds.

I am a purple bunny.

This little guy is courtesy of the same friend who knit me a tinosaur. The idea itself of my being a purple bunny came about when I did a google image search for my full name and a bunny came up. I decided to use the bunny as my avatar on a forum that I used to frequent, whose main colour was purple, so I turned the bunny purple and that was that.

I wear glasses (well, usually contacts)

My prescription is so strong that the lenses delineate my face.

I am a musician. (No pictures of this one, since I can’t capture sound with a picture. If you really want to hear, you can download a bitty clip here, but you are warned that I have no formal training (or any training at all, come to think of it) and listening to this clip again, apparently I have no clue what the word ‘tempo’ means, because I’m all over the map. Sheesh.)

I am a doodler.

I draw these branches all over my notes. They’re actually a good representation of the way I think.

I am an avid tea drinker.
teacup! circa Oct '06
That is my travel teacup. I take it with me everywhere. (This is also an old picture, hence the shortness of hair.)

And last but certainly not least, I can leap small ottomans in a single bound. No pictures, just trust me on this one.



  1. seiding said,

    Now with more integers! That is awesome! My glasses do that to my face, too. Tea drinkers unite!

  2. stephknits said,

    You also have excellent taste in web-comics. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Do you read Girls with Slingshots? Danielle is really cool; I’ve met her a couple times at various cons.

  3. silencepainter said,

    Yay for bunnies! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I have the greatest respect for people who have a need for a special diet and actually stick with it. You’d think people wouldn’t eat the raviloi, but the truth is they do.

  4. Danielle said,

    Stephknits beat me to it– I was going to say you are also a Questionable Content fan.

  5. Ms. L said,

    I will add to the “Yay QC!” chorus we’re forming.

    Also, math *is* delicious. At least until you get into PDEs. Those taste a little off to me.

  6. Penny Karma said,

    You’re cool!! What’s your favorite tea?

  7. rhiannonrevolts said,

    I’m not even that into math, but that shirt is fantastic. As for QC, I have eaten, dined, and been to a date at the coffee shop that’s the inspiration for the one in the strip. [has cachet]

  8. Eryn said,

    Math geeks unite!

    Happy birthday (a little late)!

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