The cat’s out of the bag.

22 September, 2007 at 3:33 pm (blogstalking, caturday)

um, as it were.

I got my last knittyboard SP9 package today, in which it was revealed that my pal was the fantastic blu roux!

I don’t have my normal photo taking setup available to me, so I don’t have individual pictures of the yarn, but that is totally enough sock yarn to get me through the semester. And it’s awesome sock yarn, too! Tofutsies in pink and purple, Trekking (mmm Trekking) in a nice bright blue, and Fleece Artist Merino Sock in a gorgeous green/red/gold colourway that is so the perfect thing for fall.

Also in the package were treats for both Kitty and myself, including (chocolate!) smarties!

This is exciting, because in the US what we call smarties are small little discs of flavoured sugar (which are kind of gross, honestly).

And and, an adorable little Lantern Moon keychain that is already hanging out on my keyring:

(Yes, there is only one actual key on my keyring.)

All in all I’m thrilled with how this round turned out. I got awesome pals, both upstream and down (although my downstream still doesn’t know who I am, I still have to send out the final package), and I’m REALLY glad that blu roux sent me Arctic Lace in package #2 because I just picked up a copy for my downstream and I never would have been able to part with it if I hadn’t already had a copy for myself!

Speaking of bags, this week’s blogstalking theme is purse guts. Brace yourselves.

In this massive pile of stuff is: my Friday notebook, English book, recorder, mp3 player and headphones, keys (well, just one key and a lot of keychains, as noted above), four pens, my cell phone, hair clip and various ties, wallet, a random sz7 circ, nearly empty water bottle, knitting bag (with endpaper mitts inside), various bits of gum and wrappers, violet mints courtesy of seiding, my glasses case with both glasses and contact lens case inside, and a shawl (warning! Ravelry link), because none of my professors understand the meaning of the off button on their air conditioning. oof. no wonder my back always hurts after a long day of hauling this stuff around campus.

and now, for a cat that’s really out of the bag.

[edit] and the reason my normal photo taking setup was unavailable?

there was someone napping in it.



  1. sillyrabbit said,

    Oh, that’s so nice and normal and organized! I want to see that shawl…

  2. cpurl17 said,

    Your kitty looks so much like my Mika!

    Your purse contents are much more interesting than mine!

  3. Alarid said,

    I love your kitty! She is so pretty!
    And your secret pal stuff looks so great. I live in Canada, and was totally stunned that you couldn’t get chocolate Smarties there. I sent a bunch home with my NY visitors a few years back.

  4. westozcaat said,

    thats a full purse! the kitty is so cute! I love smarties, we have them here in oz too. Anytime you want to swap some for some not-in-aus yarn/books let me know šŸ™‚

  5. Beverly said,

    Cats have a great way of sleeping in just the wrong spot. So cute! Do I see one of the oinking pig keychains? Everytime I’m in Bed Bath & Beyond I am tempted to buy one.

  6. bezzie said,

    Oh my god! I’ve got that exact same oinky pig keychain! Mr. Pig! With the light up nose!

    Your cat is a nut! I’ve never seen a cat enjoy being in a plastic bag before!

  7. Danielle said,

    You see, if the apocalypse hits while you’re stuck on an elevator you will be prepared.

  8. wonky said,

    If you get a bigger bag, you can fit kitty in there too! That would keep a girl happy during class!

  9. silencepainter said,

    ah the bag guts of a college student! My kitties like to get in plastic bags too.

  10. Kelly said,

    Haha – I love that your cat is napping in your photo box.

    I’m also glad you get to experience the wonder of REAL smarties! What you guys call smarties down there, we call Rockets. The real smarties are my favourite candy of all time. Ever!

  11. Sarah the DomesticOverlord said,

    My bag will make you feel better about yours.

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