All thumbs.

25 September, 2007 at 2:22 pm (knitting)

Yes, my endpaper mitts are finally nearing completion. I just need to bind off the second one and knit the thumbs. Yes, I’m redoing the thumb on the first one. I am nothing if not a Virgo to the core. But don’t look at my bedroom, which is a mess. And somewhere in that mess my Chibi case is buried, with all seven of my tapestry needles. I obviously can’t finish these babies until I find them. Cue desperate search in which I discover everything that’s missing in my life, except the needles. I will not buy new ones. I know the second I do the originals will turn up; that’s how I ended up with seven of them to begin with.

My own thumb, however, currently looks like this:

because I knit too much. No, that is not a typo. I have DeQuervain’s Syndrome from too much knitting (well, and typing, and piano playing.) Normally I don’t have to do much beyond wearing the brace at night, and taking it easy on the typing, but yesterday I brought a stockinette sock with me to class, and ended up knitting quite a bit in just a few hours.

Which left me with ridiculous wrist pain last night/this morning. So on with the brace, and no knitting for two days. Which will really help me finish those endpaper mitts. heh. Oh well. Maybe this will give me a chance to catch up on some homework that I’ve been ignoring.



  1. preita said,

    The endpaper mitts are lovely! I really am going to tackle this again some day. Color work and I don’t get along very well. But I think if I blew up the chart bigger it might help. Love the colors you chose. That sock yarn is beautiful. I hope that your wrist gets better soon!

  2. orata said,

    That blue is gorgeous! I hope your wrist feels better soon.

  3. Sarah the DomesticOverlord said,

    Ooh! Your mitts are very nice. I bought yarn for a pair but read the how to for the cast on and then nothing ever happened. Colorwork scares me.

  4. chemgrrl said,

    Stinky wrist! Oh well, you’d better take it easy. Don’t want to do any permanent damage.

    The mitts are looking nice.

  5. bezzie said,

    Those EPM are pretty! The different shades of blue make them sparkle. That sucks about the too much knitting!

  6. Christy said,

    does weaving in ends count as knitting? if you ever find the Chibi, at least you could do that while taking a break.

    I agree with Bez – the varigation makes them look like they sparkle – love it!

    what yarn is that for the sock? love the colors of that too.

  7. Jo said,

    The mittens are gorgeous – but I’m sorry they have put you in pain!

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