No time to talk.

27 September, 2007 at 12:36 pm (life)

Four page paper due tomorrow; I’ve got a page and a half written. And unfortunately my normal writing pace is about a sentence an hour. Still, I shouldn’t be here. I should disconnect my internet and take my laptop outside, or something. Nevermind that it’s way too humid outside (someone should alert the weather to the fact that it is officially autumn), if I’m in the house there are so many things to be distracted by. Um, like the blog. Right, I shouldn’t be here.

So have a cat, instead.

ETA: Seriously. I need to be banned from Knittyboard. and Ravelry. and Livejournal. and indigopuzzles. and anywhere else I might find entertainment. UGH. I also need to up my writing speed to two sentences an hour if I want to get this finished… four per hour if I want to finish it and still get some sleep. Seven per hour if I want to get my other homework done as well. Seriously.



  1. Lauren said,

    Your cat begs to be snuggled.

    A four page paper isn’t too bad, you’ll get it done!

  2. Jo said,

    Your cat has the prettiest nose. The temps are supposed to break today – let’s hope.

  3. rhiannonrevolts said,


    Aw, bless. I wish I could have a kitty.

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