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3 October, 2007 at 7:49 pm (FO, knitting)

Let me just preface this whole thing by saying that these were a joy to knit, despite the trials, and said trials were due to user error, not a problem in the pattern.

Having said that! Oh boy were these trouble. Fun, yes. Easy… sometimes. But first there were gauge issues. Then there were more gauge issues. Then there was that pesky dropped stitch just as I almost had the first one done (I did go back and redo that thumb. I am not ashamed of my perfectionism. Usually.), there was that issue of getting distracted by socks. Then there was that other issue of misplacing my Chibis when I needed them most… and I still haven’t found them. I don’t think I will until I bother to go buy new ones. And there’s no way in heck that I’m buying new ones when I know that there are at least seven floating around my house somewhere. But I’m fortunate enough to have friends who knit, and friends who come to the rescue, and friends who knit and come to the rescue.

So the mitts are finished.

Oh, but you want to see the insides, don’t you? Knitters are so dirty, always wanting to see the wrong side of every fabric they meet…

Pattern: Endpaper Mitts by Eunny Jang
Yarn: Colourmart Cashmere (of unknown content beyond that; some sort of fingering wt) in Flannel and Ashland Bay Colonial as dyed by yours truly.
Needles: US1.5 Addi Turbos, 40″
Duration: Too Damn Long (late August to early October)
Mods: Used US1.5s as noted above to deal with wonky gauge, only used two repeats of chart A on arm, used less than one repeat of chart A on hand. Completely disregarded all conventional rules about mixing various fibers when doing stranded colourwork.
Find them on Ravelry here.



  1. faeryknitter said,

    They are beautiful!!!!

  2. Emilee said,

    Wow, I LOVE that blue.

  3. etcgirl said,

    Ooh, nice guts! Whoever said you can’t have a pretty pancreas?

  4. Cathy-Cate said,

    Dang, you just reminded me that I was seduced by other knitbloggers into placing a KnitPicks order, for Harmony needles and a book on sale; and I FORGOT to order more of the smaller Chibis, which have all vanished and which I can’t find locally, just the big ones!
    Love your endpaper mitts, though. Those are on my short list, after I finish a couple other things.

  5. sillyrabbit said,

    They’re gorgeous! Nice work!

  6. Beverly said,

    They’re lovely! Great job!

  7. orata said,

    They are so lovely! Those colors! wow.

  8. Alice said,

    These turned out great! All your perfectionism paid off because they look flawless!

  9. Jo said,

    They are beautiful – I loev the blues in it.

  10. Fay said,

    Pretty! I love how the blue changes. I have the endpaper mitts in my knitting queue. I have yet to do a fair isle project so I’m a little intimidated – even by the swatch!

  11. preita said,

    these are so beautiful! I love the colors that you are using.

  12. Webbo said,

    They are so lovely it hurts. Your class will be wowed!

  13. bookgrump said,

    I don’t think that it took too long. For something that beautiful, it’s worth the time. They truly are lovely!

  14. glittrgirl said,

    They are beautiful! Well done!

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