Not knitting.

11 October, 2007 at 3:33 pm (knitting)

I have discovered why I knit. It’s because I can’t stop myself. Realistically if I don’t want to completely ruin my wrists, I shouldn’t be knitting, at least not for the next week or so. But I find myself grabbing my sock and getting a few stitches done here and there, anyway.

Of course, said socks still aren’t interesting. So let me talk about something else. Rhinebeck!

This is my first time going, and I am both excited and freaked out about the whole thing. I hear it’s huge, I hear it’s overwhelming. I am a square for blogger bingo (more later on how to catch me). I am also on a very limited budget because hello, jobless college student, here. I think I have like $300 in my bank account, and other expenses to consider for the rest of the year. So… I’m limiting myself to $50 of my own money. My parents might be padding that a bit, as a late birthday present, but I’m not counting on it.

What can I do with $50? For one thing, I won’t even bother with the food, since I probably can’t eat most of it and we’re stopping in Poughkeepsie for gluten free hot dogs and baked goods on our way home. I’ll pack some snacks. For another, I’m drawing up a very specific list of what I want/need to buy. And I know you’ve all heard pretty much everything there is to tell about it, but Ravelry has been an immense help with this task. So, on my list so far:
500yds of fingering weight in two colours for some colourwork mittens
thick and thin bulky 100ish yds in a specific shade of blue/green for an Urchin for my mum
a shawl pin
enough grey sock yarn for knee socks, so that I can whip up some Ravenclaw socks
maybe some lace yarn. I don’t have any specific need for some right now, but if I’m going to impulse buy I’m trying to limit it to lace.

That’s all I have planned so far, although I’m sure the list will grow. And maybe I will ‘lose’ my list once I get there and just grab whatever catches my eye. I will not try to brave the BMFA stall. I may send someone to do it for me, however. Anyway, I will probably add to my list as the week goes on, even though, at least today, I should be writing a paper. Anyone want to whip out four pages on gender as a social construct for me? Heh.

In any case. I will be bringing peanut butter cookies to Rhinebeck, have no fear! And I will trade them for yarn. Or, you know, give them away for free. Whichever.


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