13 October, 2007 at 12:36 pm (caturday, FO, knitting)

Ah, fall, my favourite season. Cool weather, hot chocolate, blankets, fires, handknit socks…

Oh, hey, would you look at that? It’s amazing how much knitting I can get done when I’m not actually supposed to be knitting. (Fleece Artist Merino Sock in the most perfect falls colours ever, US1.5s, 60 stitches, top down, heel flap/gusset and modified wedge toe, here on the Rav.)

If I get any spare knitting time this week I’m going to try to get in some work on my silk teacloth, but beyond that I’m preparing for RHINEBECK! For anyone who may be planning to hunt me down as part of Blogger Bingo, I do have some handy hints for you.

One: There are pictures of me all over this blog. Although I am not nearly as good looking as I make myself out to be; digital cameras and photoshop are marvelous things.
Two: I will be wearing my FFL:
Three: I have a curly a-line (see above). I am going to make all attempts to leave it down but I make no promises.
Four: My shirt should have my name on the back, if you can catch a glimpse of it under my shawl.
Five: I will probably spend at least half an hour at the fair staring at everything and baaa-ing like a sheep, out of sheer confusion. Please rescue me.

Kitty wants me to bring home a sheep from the festival.



  1. wishiwerebuffy said,

    The socks are lovely! And so is kitty, of course.

  2. Romi said,

    OMG, I love your FFL. It is exquisite!

  3. Jo said,

    Bring Kitty with you! The socks look so pretty!

  4. ms. pixie riot said,

    your fall socks are GORGEOUS. i’m so jealous of everyone who get to meet you at rhinebeck!

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