Oh, lace.

15 October, 2007 at 8:18 pm (knitting)

How you have forsaken me.

Although it’s probably my own fault for trying to knit you while reading, I still feel quite abandoned, oh teacloth. I thought we had a thing, here. I would pay total attention to you on pattern rounds if you would let me read in peace on knit even rounds. Clearly it was not meant to be, however, and now I must spend the rest of my evening reconstructing several rows while pausing every few moments to rip some hair out. I do thank you, though, for not going any further than you did in the twenty minutes it took me to notice your betrayal. You are surprisingly sticky for a still oiled silk cobweb weight, and for that I am glad. Trust me, it is the only thing that saved you from certain death frogging.

(This does, however, answer the question of whether or not I can use the teacloth for train/class knitting. I guess I’ll be casting on for a new pair of socks soon.)


1 Comment

  1. Guro said,

    Oh, that sucks! Being betrayed by your lace like that.

    (What does one use silk teacloths for???)

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