Last minute preparations.

18 October, 2007 at 2:30 pm (knitting, life)

Trying to get myself ready for Rhinebeck; I have a to-do list for today that’s about ten miles long. And a midterm tomorrow.

A few last things to note if you’re trying to catch me (for blogger bingo or otherwise):
–I respond to almost any form of my name, but most friends and family call me Jess. I spell it Jesh, but that’s just a mouthful to pronounce.
–I’m hoping that my replacement balls (oh, shut it) will come today or tomorrow so that I can wear my spiral lipring:

but if not I’m stuck with my regular seamless ring. Supposedly they were shipped on the 10th, but according to the tracking info they aren’t en route yet. hmm, I do have some brightly coloured acrylic balls (seriously, shut UP) that would probably fit on the spiral ring. Not sure if I want to use those, though.

I fixed the giant gaping hole in the teacloth:
and I’m now halfway through the rows. Which means I’m only about 30% finished with the whole thing, because each row gets longer and longer. Every time I tell myself that I’m not going to do another center out shawl/doily/whathaveyou for just this reason, but then I start a new one and it’s all fun and fast in the beginning and I forget. Oh well.

Now I need to go make peanut butter cookies (I’m still trying for sheep shaped), print out some recipe cards, and finish the take home part of my midterm.


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