Return from Rhinebeck

21 October, 2007 at 4:01 pm (knitting, travel)

That was quite possibly the best day of my life. The only bad part was when I realised that I would eventually have to go home and return to my normal life, rather than living forever with a community of knitters.

First, the yarn. Good lord, the yarn. It was everywhere. It was so everywhere that it took me a while to purchase something, because I was too busy just looking at all the pretty colours and touching all the soft squishy skeins. My first (and most expensive) purchase was thus:
Decadent Fibers Marshmallow in Grey Goose and Plum Pudding. This stuff will (hopefully) make two pairs of the most deliciously warm mittens ever.

My second purchase, made without even thinking about the first one, was these two:
Ellen’s Half Pint Farm merino/silk fingering. I knew I had a thing for the combination of almost-not-quite-white greys and almost-not-quite-black blues, but I didn’t realise that I liked it enough to go for it twice without thinking. These, I’m thinking, will end up as gloves.

My last purchase was made at Little Barn, where I should’ve bought more, because all of this:
(ten skeins of Filatura Lanarota Chaco in a grey colour) was $30. It is destined to become a sweater with plenty left over.

and now for the people! I met so many awesome people and I only got a couple of pictures, because I am a loser, and also with most of them I felt like either a stalker, a weirdo, or a member of the media.

It’s Andrea (who looks JUST like her knittyboard avatar) and Mary Beth! Oh, I snagged a copy of Mary Beth’s book, too, which she signed for me. I read some of it on the way home and it is hilarious.

Pam’s Charlotte’s Web is so stunning in person. I only refrained from snatching it off her and running because she is taller and presumably faster than I am. Otherwise it would currently be mine.

Mama Rav and the Bobfather:

This picture is blurry because I was laughing too hard at Casey’s shirt to hold the camera steady. And speaking of Ravelry!

I also scored a button. 🙂

I got pictures of other people but my camera card is fussy. And I talked to plenty of people that I didn’t get pictures of–like Stephanie. That was weird–she’s famous! And she complimented me on my shawl! (I got a lot of that. I didn’t realise it would cause so much of a stir. To me it’s just that damn shawl that I spent four months on last year, you know?)

And some leftover stuff:

Ah, foliage. I wish I had gotten a chance to photograph more, but I slept most of the way up and most of the way home, so this was the best I could do.

Dinner was gluten free hot dogs with chili and cheese:

Plus a cream soda, fries, and a gluten free coffee cake that I took home with me which is now half gone.

Next year if I go I’m staying overnight–I so wanted to go to all the after parties and hang out with people and walk around again today! I’m already saving up my money to make that happen.



  1. kwonset said,


    I missed you and many, but what a great time!

  2. Wendy said,

    Nice yarn! Can’t wait to see what it becomes! That’s a beautiful fall photo. Would you mind if I use it on my header on my blog? I’m going to take some fall pics, but if I don’t get any good ones…yours is beautiful!

  3. ZantiMissKnit said,

    yay! you got a decent pic of me too (hard to do). I loved that shawl, and ohmigourdsthosepeanutbuttercookies! thank you for bringing them!

  4. Akknitter said,

    DOH! I missed the peanut butter cookies.. and I saw you early in the morning too 😦 Ah well, next year.

  5. chemgrrl said,

    Lovely yarn. Sounds like you had a great time! Hmm, maybe I can try to go next year.

  6. Lynn said,

    I didn’t get to see you! I’m sorry! Next year, next year…there’s always next year.

  7. Mary Beth Temple said,

    You got my photo and I didn’t get a cookie? Damn! I was so happy to meet you I forgot to beg for cookies 🙂 Maybe next year…

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