29 October, 2007 at 6:06 pm (knitting)

It’s such a long, winding river. That runs through Jersey, apparently. Because the mitten? It fits… kind of.

Well, it fits if I’m willing to leave my thumb tucked under my palm and to avoid moving it at all costs.

Which, honestly, I’m not. But here’s the thing: is it worse to leave this one mitten, that is sort of wearable, all by itself than it is to be in such denial about the fit that I go ahead and make another one?

I really can’t decide. Fortunately, I have enough of this yarn for two pairs of mittens, so I really don’t have to make up my mind just yet. I can start in on a new pair! So last night I did some math, created a really awesome chart,

and cast on. But here it comes again, because I’m not sure that my little roses at the bottom there are translating well in knit fabric.

But maybe I need to go a little further to see it all come together. But… maybe that’s just denial. But! I mean, I charted out a thumb gusset for this version. I did the math to make the cuff smaller without making the rest of the mitten smaller. I don’t want to have to trash all of that. Plus the chart is really, really awesome. But I don’t want to make the whole mitten only to discover it doesn’t work (again). There’s only so much a girl can take, you know? I really can’t handle too much knitting-gone-wrong at once.

I’m going to go comfort myself with my pretty new $10 shoes, which do fit, thank you very much, and also show off my handknit socks wonderfully.



  1. Emilee said,

    It’s a beautiful mitten, I’m sorry the fit is awkward!

  2. turtlegirl76 said,

    How about thumbless mittens? You could be a trendsetter! Cool shoes. But yeah, I agree. I dont think your roses are translating. And I don’t think continuing on will make it any clearer. Sorry. =(

  3. Yoshimi said,

    ooh, I have shoes like that, especially so I could wear my socks to work (pointy stilletos and socks weren’t really doing it for me) and I thing the roses might just work, I would at least finish the rows you have charted for them, assuming you’re where i think you are in the pattern 🙂

  4. Batty said,

    Maybe you can give the mitten to someone with bigger hands and make yourself another pair?

    Those shoes are very, very cute. I’m also looking for a pair that’ll work with handknit socks. $10, what a great deal!

  5. Rhi said,

    At least the yarn’s gorgy?

    Anyhow, my real comment is that I have shoes similar to that which work really well with my Hedera sox. I also like them because they make my Big Feets look less big.

  6. bruisinraincloud said,

    I actually have a pair of shoes just almost like those! I wear them all the time & believe it or not, they only cost like $4!!!!!!!!!

    I think that you are doing well with those mittens! Don’t give up. You will figure it out

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