Mittens and other (literal) junk

13 November, 2007 at 12:27 am (blogstalking, knitting)

Mitten #1 is done! 😀 Mittens are seriously quick knits once you get past all the issues I seem to have with them. Didn’t I do this with my endpaper mitts too? Ah well. I do consider myself a process knitter most of the time, so I guess I’m getting lots of process out of this project. Here’s a side by side comparison of the new mitten, and the old ill-fitting mitten:

What a difference. I’m so glad I didn’t do a second swirl mitten, and I think I might actually frog the first at some point. It’s gorgeous, yes, but (especially in comparison with the new mitten) it’s completely unwearable for me.

And does the new mitten fit?
Hell yeah it does. (Needs blocking, though. Ignore that. Focus on the fitting part.)

As for the other junk, well. This week’s blogstalking assignment was junk drawers; I don’t have one. I have a junk floor. (The weak stomached and mothers of teenagers should shield their eyes.)

(Seriously. I’m warning you.)

There you go. I took this picture while sitting in the one square foot of visible floor space near the door. Doesn’t that make you feel better about your own living space?



  1. Alarid said,

    No, no it does not, because mine is worse! Don’t ya love the plastic drawer thingies for storing yarns and stuff? I have 4, I think . . . 😀

  2. Helen said,

    My garage looked like that on Friday (but worse)! However, hubby & I worked for several hrs. this weekend and now it’s clean!!

    Lovely mittens, by the way.

  3. Alice said,

    The new mitten is gorgeous! Definitely a thumbs up 🙂

  4. silencepainter said,

    WOOHOOO! Yay for fiting!

    It looks nice. 🙂

  5. turtlegirl76 said,

    Yay for a fitting mitten! It looks great!

    Calvin looks at that floor and thinks of all the wonderful places to hide and pee.

  6. maryannlucy said,

    The mitten is great, I love that pattern and you have certainly inspired me to add this to my list.
    Way to go on your junk “drawer” – I salute you and recognise a fellow horder 🙂

  7. Pam said,

    Great mitten!! That floors looks like my boys floor at times!

  8. Ed said,

    I’ve got a room almost like that, mine doesn’t have knitting stuff in it tho’

  9. Eryn said,

    AHHHHHH! I know my floors are slowly turning into that.

  10. dora said,

    Word of advice, never get a studio apartment by yourself or it’ll all look like that. That looks just like my place, except I’ve got a kitchen in one corner.

  11. ELLEN :D said,

    Oh come now, I’ve seen your room MUCH worse. in fact, i believe i had an elevated bed’s worth of clothes underneath me at one point when i was sleeping over. hahaha <33

    I love your knittinggggg and i ahve your brithday presetn and i miss oyuuuuu!

    and i suck at typinggggg

  12. Owlie said,

    Ha, looks a bit like my 79-square foot box. Which means, after furniture and whatnot…it only has 10 square feet of usable floor space, if that. And I haven’t put my laundry away, so there are clothes everywhere…sigh.

    Lovely mitten, by the way.

  13. Bad Amy said,

    My mom took a similar pic of my room in high school… it didn’t cure me. My floors are frequently buried still!

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