15 November, 2007 at 3:21 pm (FO, knitting)


The thumbs are kind of messy (I still haven’t mastered colorwork on such teeny little rounds), I’ve remembered why I don’t actually wear mittens (my first instinct is to fling them off to get my fingers free), and I had to take pictures while they were still wet because stranded colorwork takes forever to dry.

But they’re finished.

And they’re all mine.

Pattern: Loosely based off of helloyarn’s generic mitten pattern, modified to have a closer fitting cuff and a thumb gusset.
Yarn: Decadent Fibers Marshmallow, about 50g each of Grey Goose and Plum Pudding
Needles: My poor worn out US1.5/2.75mm Addi Turbos (on which the nickel plating is completely gone)
Size: 6″ wrists, super long fingers
Duration: 3 weeks or so (they spent days at a time shoved in a corner, and actual knitting time once I got all of my issues worked out was probably only four days)
Modifications: As mentioned above, I went down to 40 stitches on the cuff to fit my teeny wrists, increased to 48 on the hand, knit ten pattern rows then increased two stitches in pattern every other row for a thumb gusset until I had thirteen stitches for the thumb. Held these stitches, cast on three over the gap to continue the pattern up the side, then after finishing the mitten shell, picked up seven stitches on the side of the thumb (three for the pattern column, two on each side to prevent holes), knit thumb on twenty stitches.

(find them here on the Rav.)



  1. Ellen said,


    I’ll ask my mom about next friday maybe 😀 because i only work a half a day i’m pretty sure.

    Well this weekend we’re visiting my brother because he’s in a murder mystery play and hes one of the people who goes around in the audience 🙂 i work friday/saturday, and then sunday is when we’re going to that play.

    so i’ll talk to my mama 🙂 remind me!!! because i’ve been super forgetful lately 😡

    i miss you toooooo!!!!

    marthe likes your mittens a lot too 🙂

  2. silencepainter said,

    They look really good!

  3. turtlegirl76 said,

    Thanks for figuring out all the mods for out tiny wrists 😉 They look fantastic! Nice job on the stranding too!

  4. Knittypants said,

    Those are great, look very warm.

  5. Kate said,

    Nice work, they look snuggly! I can’t wear gloves (not warm enough), so mittens make me happy.

  6. faeriebell said,

    Those look awesome! I love the intricate colorwork.

  7. Stop and Start « Jeshknits said,

    […] Cowl. I’m working it up in Decadent Fibers Marshmallow, leftover from a certain pair of mittens from last winter, which some of you may recognize. I weighed the cakes the other day to find out […]

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