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17 November, 2007 at 7:06 pm (caturday, knitting)

(this extra-late Saturday post brought to you by the cold that has completely flattened me. oof.)

There is SO MUCH stuff going on right now, knitting-wise. Some Ravelers are having a mini-meetup on Tuesday, which you’d better believe I’m attending. I’m crazy busy over there with assorted forum and group stuff (who knew I could be so sociable and chatty?), which leaves me much less time to knit than I’d like, especially since I’ve got so many projects going on.

I should be working on the seekrit project o’doom, but I can’t find the motivation. It needs to be done in about six weeks, which should be motivation enough, but… meh. I went to wind up some yarn for it yesterday, which… got tangled on the ballwinder.

(shaky hands = craptastic photos. sorry.)

Excellent. So maybe later tonight or tomorrow I’ll take some scissors to that and see what I can salvage. (you have NO IDEA how much my fingers wanted to type ‘selvedge’ there. heh.)

So instead of taking that to class, I took some yarn that I plan to use for a sweater, and swatched a bit.

I’m probably going to note the gauge that I’m getting and frog; I’m not sure I like the fabric. But the yarn displays texture beautifully, which should help me with my pattern choice. I’ve got a billion sweaters in mind, maybe I’ll sort through my Rav queue tonight and pick some things. You guys will help me decide, right?

And I got a package today with some yarn. Mmmmm yarn. So what do I do but cast on immediately.

What can I say? I’ve discovered that I need more scarves. So I’m hoping that I can get a decent length out of 200yds of this stuff; I guess I’ll find out. (On a side note, the yarn, this stuff, feels just like SWS, but it’s a little thinner and comes in way more awesome colors. Also it’s a wool/acrylic blend so it won’t felt if you breathe on it like SWS will.)

And, hopefully soonish in the mail will be kits for an owl and a squirrel, for my friends who are getting married in December, who are known as… owl and squirrel. 😛 if I find the time the owl will get a little lacy veil and the squirrel will get a teeny bowtie.

As for Kitty, well.

She’s a kitty.



  1. T. said,

    Oh my gosh, I LOVE that yarn in that entrelac scarf you’re making! Please tell me what yarn that it.. I must have some! I’m knitting this scarf myself in Trendsetter Tonalita which is a wool/acrylic blend too. Very nice!

  2. Nancy said,

    Awwww,, I do hope you feel better real quick! That Entrelac is awesome in that yarn. I actually almost bought some today,, but the color I was interested in they only had one ball left. What color is that one? It is simply awesome!

  3. Jo said,

    What is the yarn you are knitting the scarf out of? It’s very pretty.

  4. turtlegirl76 said,

    Who knew that Trendsetter made a decent non-novelty yarn? Beautful!

  5. chris said,

    The entrelac looks great and the colors are just gorgeous!

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