21 November, 2007 at 7:30 pm (knitting)

This post is several days late, I’m completely brain-dead apparently, and also exhausted. I have been working on entrelacky:
and I should have it finished in time for an actual photoshoot when a friend of mine comes over on Friday.

In the meantime, I am not working on the top seekrit project like I should be, and browsing sweater patterns for use with my 2000 yds of worsted yarn.

I’m not sure what to compare the yarn to, since I so rarely use worsted wools; to me it feels like a tighter spun, less fuzzy WoTA, knits up well, shows texture nicely, squishy, non-superwash.

Originally I was going to go for the Fibonacci cardi from the most recent Magknits, but this yarn is so good with cables that i feel like it would be a waste to use it on all of that stockinette. Also I would probably get bored with all of that stockinette.

So I go to some of the popular cabled cardigan choices. Eris? Well, it’s gorgeous. But I’m not sure it’s a wise choice for someone who has yet to finish a sweater (whichever one I choose this time will be my third attempt.) I would need to add a lot of waist shaping to get it to fit me the way I like, I think, and I’m so not comfortable enough with these things to do that yet.

Okay, how about Mariah? Yeah, same deal. I’m not sure how it would look on me and I’m not sure I can make the proper changes to ensure a successful outcome.

Then there is this amazing sweater, which I know would look good on me because my body type is similar to the designer’s. Although if I made it I would probably drive myself crazy by changing the sleeves to set-in. Through years of store-bought sweater hate I’ve come to the discovery that drop sleeves do not look good on large breasted, short waisted women (ie me). Actually, looking at it again, I could probably knit the sleeves from the full length version, which do have a sleeve cap. Or something. Anyway, it would be a good choice, although the pattern does mention that it is best for experienced knitters who know how to adapt as they go along and who will plan well in advance. I think I could do that (maybe).

Uh, did I mention that I hate cabling? I do. I mean, I can do it, no problem, but it is easily my least favorite knitting technique.

I do keep coming back to this bolero, but I look terrible in turtlenecks. Also I’ve looked over the pattern (in English) and I don’t understand half of it.

So those are my serious contenders, and if you’ll excuse me I need to go fall into bed with some hot chocolate before i fall asleep in my keyboard. I’ll be back eventually with a scarf FO post, and if I’m very lucky, progress on the seekrit project.



  1. myhobbyisyarn said,

    I like the white cabled one from Ulla. I don’t like knitting cables either, even though I like how they look and I can do them just fine.

  2. Caroline said,

    Knitting sweaters is awesome. You can totally finish one.

    Me, I love cables. Love knitting them, love the look of them, love staring at everyone’s cabled sweaters in such a manner that it looks like I’m checking them out……

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