Nothing to see here.

6 December, 2007 at 4:41 pm (knitting, life)

My laptop is currently being dismantled in an attempt to find the piece that is preventing me from closing it properly without the screen casing cracking. So what do I do but leave my picture card in the card reader on it. Which means I have no pictures for you, so, seriously, there’s nothing to see here.

So the brilliant folk over at knittyboard had an excellent solution for my shrug problem: since I’m going on a week-long road trip right before the wedding, why not, oh, I don’t know, KNIT A SHRUG? heh. Sometimes I am slow to think of the most obvious solution. I have tentatively picked this one, and I’m going to hopefully swap for some yarn for it. Glad to have that problem out of the way!

Now if only I could write this paper that’s due tomorrow, and get my laptop back before next week, and somehow survive finals…



  1. turtlegirl76 said,

    That’s nice! I looks relatively quick. You should be able to knock it out in time. =)

  2. dora said,

    Ooh, that should do just fine.

    You’ll make it!

  3. Kzez said,

    Bun – depending on how fast I am, you might have to knit some of mine. I want to post it off in a week at the latest, and I should be able to knit 2 more. Which will bring me to 11.
    … But I’ll let you know.

  4. chemgrrl said,

    Arrugh, I am without my computer right now as well. Isn’t it so debilitating? I feel as if I’m missing my right arm or something. Well, maybe not an arm. A toe? An appendix?

    Cute shrug.

  5. chemgrrl said,

    Oh I forgot to say: good luck with finals! Try not to stress out too much. I’m not taking or giving any this semester, so I’m just watching the undergrads run around and freak out whilst I sit back and laugh maniacally. Muahaha!

  6. Kzez said,

    Bun – tremendous news! Knitting on 6mm needles makes squares knit up very very fast.

    I started one yesterday. I ran out of wool, so I have to go buy some more, but it’s 3/4 done!
    Which will bring my total to 10, and then I have my seed stitch one (which I’ll go and break my hands over tonight) and one more and I’m done!

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