Oh, sigh.

13 December, 2007 at 3:05 am (knitting, life)

What a week. What a month.

My university is a bit mad; the last day of classes is the 21st. Fortunately most of my professors have a little thing called common sense, so they’ve scheduled exams for late this week or early next, which means that after Monday I’m free.

Oh wait! Snowstorm comin’ in Sunday night. School might be closed. On the one hand, more time to study is great. On the other, goddamn do I wish this whole thing could just be over. So Friday I have two (short) papers and a take home final due, as well as a ten minute practical exam. Monday (or quite possibly Wednesday) I’ve got another take home due, and both my calc and my computers exam.

But before I even hope to believe that I’ll be free after that, I have to get my haircut and go to knit night next Tuesday, get my room clean (not an easy feat) and everything packed by next Friday, and, oh yeah, I had hoped to be done with my two current big projects before leaving on the 22nd.

This may or may not happen. This is square number five out of twelve. I can only knit so much before my thumbs become very unhappy with me, especially considering the amount of typing and piano playing I’ve been doing lately. I am very nervous that I will have to bring some of it on the trip with me.

I have some concerns about this cutie. First of all, she is awfully big for a (cup)cake topper. the pattern says 3.5-4″, but she’s definitely more like 5″, and I don’t think I can get her any smaller without maybe tossing her in the wash. Second of all, I feel like the eye mask is too high. It looked fine when I, per the instructions, sewed it on before felting:

But now I’m wishing it were lower. I can’t decide if it’s foolish or not to try to cut it off and resew it in a different spot. Anyone want to cheer me on and/or warn me off of doing so?



  1. turtlegirl76 said,

    It’s fine. I don’t think you need to. It’s very cute!

    You’ll need a bigger cupcake.

  2. chemgrrl said,

    Well, is the mask felted *to* the owlie, or are they just co-felted? Cuz if it’s the former, then go for it. If it’s the latter, you’re screwed.

    As for making it smaller, I say go ahead and throw it in the washer (in a lingerie bag, of course). I’m making a gaggle of kitties right now, and I’ve both hand felted and machine felted them. Just make sure it doesn’t go into the spin cycle, and it should be fine. I hope. 🙂

  3. Kzez said,

    Bun – I posted them off on Sat, but was told they wouldnt go off til Monday. They say 4-6 work days. Which means it’ll be there on Thurs/Fri at the earliest, and Tues/Wed at the latest.

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