Changes in plans.

18 December, 2007 at 8:54 pm (knitting, life)

Sorry for going MIA. I’ve discovered that sometimes school takes actual effort, and that it takes effort for me to put in that effort, and by the end of it I’m all efforted out.

In the meantime, nearly all of my plans have been changed. Not the big ones, of course; I’m still going on that silly roadtrip, and attending a wedding straight after. But the little stuff has been tossed around and flipped over and twisted up so many times that I can’t even remember what the original plans were.

The new plans include this:
-There is no way I will finish the seekrit project before the road trip. That means it has to come with me, and I have to finish it and the shrug for the wedding.
-Shrug for the wedding? I couldn’t track down the right kind of yarn. But someone on Ravelry kindly pointed out to me (helLOOOO) that I have some perfectly good Elann Luna in my stash:

-With the change in yarn comes a change in pattern, and I’ve now switched to this here shrug, although I’m going to be doing some pattern modifying because not only is my gauge off, so are my measurements. I mean, okay, I’m not the skinniest thing in the world, but 13.6″ around the widest part of the arm ain’t no freakin’ XL unless there is a ton of negative ease in there, and I don’t think there is.
-Then I thought to myself (always a bad sign) ‘ooh! why not add some beads to the ruffles on the sleeves! I am SO BRILLIANT!’ Of course, I quickly realized that I can’t add a lot of beads, because the Luna is a cotton/tencel blend and the weight of the beads would stretch the whole thing out of shape before I even finished knitting it, probably. But, I think I might be able to add just a few beads here or there and have it look good. Which means I’ve got to pick some beads! I like these:

but they unfortunately come in an assortment that looks more like this:

urgh. Which means sorting through and grabbing the ones I want. But it’ll be worth it, right? …Right?

Completely unrelated, but this is the best stuff ever:

(Courtesy of Batty, my knittyboard s’noflake swap pal)

and, some cat, since I missed Caturday:



  1. turtlegirl76 said,

    The pretty green eyes are mesmerizing

  2. CBear said,

    I just love the eyeliner on that cat! So beautiful…

  3. chemgrrl said,

    Okay–I just hope you string all the beads BEFORE you get in the car. There’s a recipe for disaster if I ever saw one. Like the new shrug pattern. Sexy mama! Don’t take too much attention away from the bride. 🙂

  4. Kzez said,

    Bun – can’t you use another shrug for the wedding?

  5. Kzez said,

    Then what about a shawl? I’m thinking of your thumb, bun.

  6. Ellen said,

    we will smell the same. i have this peppermint stuff in a body wash

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