A week without cat.

21 December, 2007 at 6:06 pm (caturday, food, knitting, life)

I left my dearest Kitty Carlisle at the kennel this morning.

it was impossibly difficult–she was freaked and I just wanted to bring her home and cuddle her and never let her out of my sight. But off she went, and I hope she doesn’t stay freaked out for too long, since she has to stay for a whole week. At the moment I’m just trying not to think about it, for fear that I’ll burst into tears. So let’s move on!

I seem to be packing quite a few handknitted things for the trip: I’ve got my endpaper mitts, some mittens, two pairs of socks, a shawl, my laptop case, and two scarves. I feel like I’ve finally reached the point in being a knitter where my knitting is both good looking and usable in a real, every day kind of way. It’s a good feeling. It makes me feel like a knitter, rather than someone who just happens to kit.

Also being packed? These:

courtesy of my favorite owl and squirrel. Now I won’t be treat-less when everyone else eats cake and cookies and whathaveyou at various gatherings.

I’ve got my knitting ready to go; beads prestrung (admittedly I did entertain the thought of ‘accidentally’ spilling them all over my brother while in the car), yarn wound into cakes, needles at the ready, stitch books packed. I can do this. Seekrit project, the shrug, some stockinette socks, and the craftyalien squirrel are all comin’ with. Here’s hoping my hands don’t fall off.

I’ll be checking in irregularly; lappy is traveling with me (new screen and all) and I’ve heard rumors that there will, in fact, be internet access in our hotel rooms. I promise I’ll take lots of interesting trip pictures and share them all from the road! 🙂



  1. silencepainter said,

    I hate leaving my kitties too, but they are always OK when I pick them back up.

    Enjoy your trip!

  2. Jo said,

    I’m sorry you had to leave Kitty behind 😦

  3. PK said,

    Awww, poor Kitty. But yay jaffa cakes! My boyfriend’s favourite.

  4. Ellen said,

    NEXT TIME YOU CALL ME. I petsit you retard ❤ you won’t have to leave her somewhere horrible. i can find somewhere in my house for her to stay for a bit. for a lot cheaper than a kennel 🙂

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