Back on the Needles

5 January, 2008 at 2:38 am (caturday, food, knitting, life)

And back into the blog–it has been a whirlwind of a week. There was wedding.

There were cupcakes.

There was homemade bread.

There was even some knitting on a train (this is my friend spin, who has an interesting method of purling).

And a touch of tatting on the train, as well, although I don’t have anything interesting to show for it.

Projects currently stand thusly: the seekrit one is not yet finished, although it looks far better than it did at last glance.

And I may have been sneaking a few stitches here and there on a bloo trekking sock.

The cat? She survived her trip to the kennel, and came home as normal as she ever is.



  1. Beverly said,

    Thanks for the purling video. It’s always interesting to see the techniques that other knitters use (especially since I have very few knitting friends).

  2. dora aka spin said,

    Seekrit squares of mystery look awesome! Also my purling -does- look weird to me on video. Cool.


  3. Batty said,

    Pretty entrelac block on the seekrit project! I wonder what it’s going to be when it’s done.

    Tatting is fun. I really enjoy doing it, but then, I never attach the lace to anything. It just… sits there.

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