True to my word

13 January, 2008 at 6:43 am (caturday, knitting)

I am designing some tam shaped things. (Thanks for the response by the way! I really do like my new hat bunches.)

The grey one currently has my attention, because I want to do most of my fooling around in a yarn/gauge I’m already familiar with. The red is an alpaca DK weight that I actually have high hopes for; I know that an alpaca hat seems like it’s asking for trouble of the not staying on the head kind, but I’m hoping that I can hit the magic stitch count number and the right stitch pattern to make it work.

I’m using a variant on brioche for the grey hat, which I’m really liking so far. Although admittedly there was some teeth gnashing when I realized that the instructions I was using for the stitch were written to be knit flat, and apparently no one has written instructions for doing it in the round. Pretty sure I’ve got it worked out now though (at least it looks like I do), and if I don’t publish a pattern (I probably will), I’ll still post the modified stitch pattern for sure.

Speaking of publishing a pattern, I’ve already thought of some perfect names for the hats if I do. And you’ll never guess. Okay, maybe you will. But I’m quite pleased with the names, so I hope I end up equally as pleased with the tams themselves.

Oh, and I did end up ripping out that stockinette sock in favor of the patterned one–and now I’ve remembered why I hate patterned socks. I have to pay attention to them. Gasp, shock, horror.
Socks are usually my on the go, quick grab a stitch here or there kind of knitting. Which becomes very hard to do when you have to focus on the pattern. I think I’ll get these done, just because I do love the pattern with the yarn, but you’d better believe that I’ll be complaining about it the whole way.

And some way late Caturday for you.

“I iz shoez!” she says. But then I try to tickle her with my feet and I get claw marks in my toes.



  1. katydidknits said,

    If you have a copy of Melanie Falick’s “Weekend Knitting”, there is a two-color brioche hat and neckwarmer that are knit in the round.

    Of course, that would have been better if, you know, you hadn’t already worked through it on your own. 🙂

  2. chemgrrl said,

    Is one of your potential hat names “Tam-alama ding dong?”

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