Holy wow.

18 January, 2008 at 12:20 am (knitting)

You guys. Seriously. Thank you for all the positive responses to my pattern. I was all aflutter and worried that people wouldn’t like it, and then last night I had a dream that a bunch of people on Ravelry had made it and all of them had ended up as UGHs… it was very sad. But apparently that is not the case, and now it’s making me want to design more… much more. Besides River Tam (more on her later), I’ve got a couple more things churning around in my head… a sweater, a lace piece maybe. Definitely some good stuff goin’ on there.

Re: River…


She is turning out much simpler than her brother, which is strange, because I figured she’d be more complex.. and twisty, you know? But she can still throw you (or me, in this case) for a loop.

I made the same stupid mistake, ten times in a row, then didn’t notice until five rows later. Normally I’d be all, eh, whatever, who cares, but something tells me that as the designer of this hat, if I can’t get it right I shouldn’t be expecting anyone else to, should I? So I’m fixin’ it.

(Pattern’ll be ready by late Saturday, with any luck.)



  1. Lelah said,

    River is turning out really cute! But if you made a mistake, then maybe it is secretly complex, just like her secretly complex psych problems?

  2. Nancy said,

    Oooh it looks very pretty! Just like her brother!

  3. silencepainter said,

    I really like both the hats. I love how you named them!

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