Cosmo kitteh!

2 February, 2008 at 8:52 pm (caturday, knitting)

This little guy is so adorable. And SO TINY. We’ve been calling him BittyKitty, and Kitty Carlisle is now GiantKitty. He weighs maybe a tenth of what she does.

He’s about two months old, we’re holding onto him for three more weeks or so. Right now his ‘meows’ are actually little squeaking noises, and he’s purring constantly.

His face is kinda funny lookin’ but I have hopes that he’ll grow into it. (The camera flash is to blame for the squinty eyes though.)

And here he is with the pink cotton candy shawl, which I finished this morning. Hasn’t been blocked yet, though–maybe tomorrow.

GiantKitty is unimpressed by BittyKitty.

I’m going to go knit up some stuffed hearts for Valentine’s day. Oh! And next time I have wonderous made from scratch cookies to talk about.



  1. Megera said,

    So cute!!! I wouldn’t be able to give him back!
    My cat Finnegan had the funniest meows when he was a kitten too. Maybe it’s a boy cat thing?

  2. silencepainter said,

    Itty bitty kitten! *wants*

  3. chemgrrl said,

    Are you keeping him for someone? Poo. Too bad. He’s such a cutie, I wouldn’t want to give him back, either.

    Maybe you can knit him a Zorro Mask, and say that’s he’s really someone else…

  4. turtlegirl76 said,

    Awww what a cutie. Why aren’t you keeping him for good? He’s too cute to give up!

  5. Andrea said,

    Ooooh, tuxedo kitty, one of my faves! I wouldn’t be able to give him up.

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