20 February, 2008 at 5:57 am (knitting)

How is it that a month that is shorter than the rest seems to drag on for forever? Sigh.

This sweater is also dragging on forever. I’ve been approaching the finish line for days now, and I’m still not quite there.

Right now I seem to be at the point where I start worrying about how it’ll turn out; is the body long enough? Maybe I should rip out the bottom edge and add a couple more rows. Is that really enough ease? Did I completely misjudge my size? Are those sleeves too baggy? Should I really have done that, that way? I’m really trying to wait until it’s done and blocked to freak out about it being all wrong but it’s a struggle, let me tell you. I guess I’ll know by the end of the week, in any case. I have some buttons picked out that I cannibalized from elsewhere,

but they’re a little big, I think. I’ll probably use them just until I get around to buying better ones.



  1. chris said,

    I know – it has been a looooong month for a short one. That sweater is just looking wonderful – I cannot wait to see it all done up. Beautiful color and I do like the buttons you choose.

  2. silencepainter said,

    It looks good so far. I really like how the colors ended up striping.

  3. Alice said,

    I love how the color variation in the sweater! It looks great, don’t freak out yet 🙂

    For me February has gone too fast… I can’t seem to get any of the stuff I want to get done finished… not enough time!

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