Things I learned while knitting this sweater

23 February, 2008 at 11:44 pm (caturday, FO, knitting)


1. I can, in fact, knit a full sized adult garment, even if it doesn’t end up being particularly flattering on me.

2. Raglans are perhaps not the best types of sweaters for those with already rather wide shoulders, e.g. me.

3. It is a good thing that I am a process knitter, otherwise I’d be very upset by the above two points.

4. A full sized cardigan made out of alpaca is delightfully warm (especially since my heat only works on days not ending in ‘y’.)

5. February is not a good month to try and be productive in. February is an excellent month for slacking off and whining a lot.

6. Attention to tiny details (like picking up underarm stitches and lining up faux purl seams) makes me very happy.


7. Sweaters are not difficult; they are tedious and long (says the girl who once spent four months knitting a lace monstrosity) but not difficult.

8. I had a point to go here, but now I don’t remember what it was.

9. I like knitting sweaters. I want to knit more, better fitting sweaters.

10. There is no way I can afford that kind of yarn. Unless I sell my soul…


10a. Kittens are cute. (Cosmo’s with his new parents, and now we’re fostering his sister–she’s too shy to come pose for the camera though, so these are the last pictures I took of Cosmo before he left.)

*edits* be nice of me to include project specs, wouldn’t it?
Pattern: this one, heavily modified to accommodate my much smaller gauge
Yarn: Grignasco Top Print, 9.5 balls
Needles: US6/4mm KP Options circs
Duration: about two weeks
here on Ravelry. 🙂



  1. glittrgirl said,

    Well done! I love the colours of your cardie. Cosmo is very cute….

  2. Pages tagged "wide" said,

    […] tagged wideOwn a WordPress blog? Make monetization easier with the WP Affiliate Pro plugin. Things I learned while knitting this sweater saved by 5 others     Zanessalove12101 bookmarked on 02/24/08 | […]

  3. stickyfingers said,

    You know, if you want yarn for another sweater, you could always look at a swap. Just sayin’, then you may not have to afford anything!

  4. Eryn said,

    I like the sweater – it looks warn and comfy, perfect for those days without heat. I think you did a fabulous job.

  5. silencepainter said,

    I think the sweater turned out really well. I love the colors.

    So glad to hear Cosmo has himself a home. Its always a little sad when the fosters leave though.

  6. turtlegirl76 said,

    The cardigan is beautiful! Love the colors you chose. I think the fit would have been improved to your taste with a few short rows thrown in to accommodate the girls. But it looks great anyway!

  7. Beverly said,

    The sweater looks great! The color is excellent. Well done!

  8. jessie said,

    I think it’s pretty flattering. I love the subtle stripes. Awesome job.

  9. Emilee said,

    What a cute sweater! Your first sweater is WAY better than mine.

  10. Yvonne said,

    Great job! Love the colour. And the kitten. Cosmo looks a lot like my Sadie.



  12. ms. pixie riot said,

    It’s gorgeous, and I think it looks so fantastic on you! It’s not unflattering at all.

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