Complex cookie

4 March, 2008 at 2:19 pm (food, knitting)

… or maybe just a cookie complex. Before anyone jumps on me I don’t have a recipe for the cookies above–I used the standard chocolate chip drop cookie recipe from The Joy of Cooking, replacing the flour with some stuff (tapioca flour, rice flour, chickpea flour, a bit of kinnikinnick bread mix I found) I kinda threw together. But let me tell you something, they were incredible. And, if you’re ever looking for a wonderfully complex tasting cookie, add some almond meal to it. It was such a subtle thing but it really made the cookie.

Also complex is this wonderful jacket that I’ve started knitting.

It’s my own design, so I’ve given myself license to come up with the most challenging things I can think of, and then throwing them in there. I-cord cast on? Sure.

A tricky little turn to continue the i-cord up the side? Hell yeah.

Then I got about an inch into the pattern, went to calculate my row gauge (which, thanks to the compact nature of brioche, was a freaking 44 rows to 4″), and… hey, that’s strange, this is several inches smaller than it should be, widthwise. I know I cast on enough stitches with that @(!@#%$ing i-cord cast on which took me more than an hour… Grabbed my swatch and–huh.
Why the hell is my swatch fabric so much looser and fluffier than what I’m getting now? Surely blocking can’t change it that much?

Well, no. Using a different needle size might, though. Wow, how stupid am I, to use 6s when my notes clearly say, ‘knit swatch on 8s’? Or, how stupid am I to knit the swatch on 8s when I use 6s so often? And when I don’t even have 8s in the right length for a jacket? At this point I’m not convinced I have a brain.

So I’ve ordered the right size tips from knitpicks, and now I’ll sit here and quietly try not to mess up some stockinette socks
while I wait for the tips to arrive.

(I am perfecting my pizza recipe tomorrow. Prepare to be amazed by what turns out.)



  1. hyperfine said,

    Ah, I feel your pain. It boggles my mind how often I just pick up the wrong needles and start knitting. Especially since I use a lot of straights that say the size in large numbers right on the end.

    I kinda want some pizza now……

  2. Batty said,

    Pretty knitting. But that cookie… it looks soft and flaky and chocolatey. And you’re doing an amazing job with the gluten-free cooking. I can eat the stuff, and I want to throw it out and steal your cookies.

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