Busy day

11 April, 2008 at 10:31 pm (knitting)

Yesterday, that is. Words (and pictures, since I forgot my camera) fail to accurately describe the fantastic time I had last night at a certain Bobmas Eve gathering last night, so I’m not going to even try. Instead I direct you to the TsockTsarina, who has a fantastic recap and a picture of me defending a worthy prize.

I feel I need to tell the story of how I gained said prize to defend my (admittedly already rather tarnished) reputation. You see, we had a yankee swap, which is all well and good, but I realized as I pulled my number that I was essentially land-locked, at my seat, and getting up and around people to the table with the gifties would be an issue, especially with my tendency toward tripping and falling and generally being a klutz. So as my number (19) slowly approached, I tried to put together a battle plan. I could get someone to grab something for me… but that would just make me look lazy. So, heck, it’s a yankee swap, I might as well steal something. I was eyeing everyone else’s goodies, thinking that nothing was calling out to me, when #18 went up and grabbed a rather plain looking package. But something wonderous was in that package: a bag handmade by the fantastic Helen (who really does know everything). So of course as I saw her unwrap it all I could think was, “Yeah, I’m going to be stealing that.”

In my defense I did not expect to hold onto that bag for more than five seconds, let alone for the rest of the evening. I also had no control over the fact that poor #18 (of course I can’t remember her Ravelry name) went up to select again and got… fun fur. (Although others at the table were laughing because apparently she herself almost contributed fun fur to the swap.) Still, my attempts at subterfuge (*puts bag under the table* What bag? I didn’t see a bag. What color was it? Hmm.) and deception (No seriously, wouldn’t you rather some yarn? I mean the bag’s nice and all, but…) apparently paid off, because this baby is mine. 😀 Along with the goodies inside: a couple of handy needle gauges, some good ointment and a shawl pin. And, the get-together garnered over $200 for Ravelry, which, in case you haven’t heard, made it into the black just in time for its first official birthday. Best Bobmas ever (although we hope to outdo it next year!)

I got a fair amount of stuff accomplished there and while on the train; I restarted my jacket sleeve

and started a sample/test knit for Kollage Yarns, a pair of socks in their new cotton sock yarn:

I must admit that while I normally stay away from cotton yarns due to my hand/wrist issues, this stuff is pretty good. The fabric that it’s creating is lovely–definitely the soft, almost powdery feeling I associate with good cotton. With any luck these socks’ll be done by mid-next week sometime.

Oh, and before I forget, I was tagged for two memes, one being ‘six word memoir’ and one being ‘seven weird things about you.’ Let’s see if I can’t combine the two:

1. Loves road trips–in theory, anyway.
2. Always talking too much or too little.
3. Avoids fruits and vegetables whenever possible.
4. Once broke her nose while knitting.
5. Two first names; goes by neither.
6. Wishes for the energy to wander.
7. Still searching for the perfect phrase.

Too lazy to tag others. Play if you want.



  1. Tsock Tsarina said,

    Nobody who saw the look in your eye was gonna try very hard to wrest that bag away from you! You haz teh pointy sticks! And besides… it would have been… mean.

    Thanks again for the cookies. Nom nom nom nom.

  2. turtlegirl76 said,

    Yay for stealing cool prizes! And why not? It wouldn’t be a yankee swap without some stealing and resulting in fun fur.

  3. genuinelye said,

    Oh my god, Jesh, that bag is frakkin’ AWESOME.


  4. AJ said,

    Me. Want. BAG!

  5. silencepainter said,

    That bag is great!

  6. Sarah the DomesticOverlord said,

    Helen said she might post a tutorial on how to make the bag. I hope she does, it’s sweet!

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