17 April, 2008 at 10:47 pm (knitting, life)

Today I have polished over a hundred pieces of silver, carried up the stairs at least fifty dishes, scrubbed every corner of every room, knit like mad, done four loads of dishes in the dishwasher, and couldn’t even get in a shower due to the aforementioned dishwasher.

Tomorrow? More cleaning. And cooking. Some laundry if I can get to it. More knitting as well.

All so that fourteen hungry and drunk people can fill our house on Sunday and spill things on our freshly laundered tablecloths. Wake me up when passover has, well, passed over.

The cotton socks continue at a rapid pace, since they’re due back with the yarn company by next Tuesday; this means finishing, washing and blocking them tomorrow and making a dash to the post office Saturday, if I can escape for even a moment.


And since I have nothing else of knitterly interest to show pictures of, have a video:

(You’ll need to tilt your head (or your computer screen) a bit.)

This is how I knit (although usually with less awkwardness and more efficiency; it’s hard to knit around a tripod). I thought for a long time that what I did was the ‘flick’ method, but have recently learned that I do something completely different. I’m sure there’s a name for what I do but I haven’t found it, and until I do I officially call this weirdness ‘the Jesh method,’ just as my good friend spin’s purling technique is ‘the spin method.’ (Of course, if anyone knows of an actual name for this technique, please do tell.)



  1. Jadielady said,

    You knit kinda like the Yarn Harlot, which is Irish cottage knitting.

  2. turtlegirl76 said,

    I knit similar to that only I think my finger moves slightly more.

  3. silencepainter said,

    I can’t even tell what you’re doing. lol

    The socks look great!

  4. pinkphish said,

    Wow you are really speedy!

  5. Beverly said,

    It looks like what I’ve heard people call “flicking”. You sort of flick your finger over the right needle to catch the yarn. It looks like you’re moving your left hand more than in traditional throwing, which is what I do too. Those people who say that continental knitting is faster than English need to watch your video.

  6. Darx said,

    Can we see that in slow motion please?

  7. fiberfiend6891 said,

    I second Darx! Although after watching it twice, I think I get it. I shall have to try this – you’re really fast!

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