Slow Motion

30 April, 2008 at 8:17 pm (knitting)

Here’s another video of me knitting, this time slowed down a bit so that you can actually see what I’m doing.

Essentially I do all of the work with my left hand; move the stitch onto the righthand needle, use the forefinger and thumb of my left hand to swivel the righthand needle around and grab the yarn, then remove the stitch from the righthand needle with a kind of rolling/flicking motion. It is surprisingly quick and efficient.

I was working on my handspun socks in the video, which are just about to the toe:

I’ll put the toe on them tomorrow. For now, I’m doing some swatches in worsted weight acrylic to try to put together a stitch pattern for a sock I want to design, which will be in this yarn:

I’m very excited and I hope it works out the way I want.



  1. helen (of troy) said,

    That’s the way my mother knit; i’ve heard it called “english lever style”–and yes it is fast –i do something similar, but i hold the yarn in my left hand..

    It will be interesting to see what other names that style is called!

  2. Karen said,

    I like that way! Unfortunately, the yarn feels more natural in my left hand than in my right.

  3. Tory said,

    Hey, that’s how I knit!

  4. fiberfiend6891 said,

    Cool – are you lefty?

  5. Darx said,

    Thanks for the slo-mo video. Looks like it might have been a little hard to slow yourself down since your natural rhythm is so fast. Love that handspun sock yarn, such great colors.

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