A sneak peek

7 May, 2008 at 6:48 am (FO, knitting)

I stayed up all night knitting from the heel flap on of the second sock. Words cannot explain how much my hands hurt.


But I think it was worth it. These are blocking now–they lost a LOT of color in a warm water and Eucalan wash and I’m kind of upset about it–part of what made me love this yarn was the vibrancy of it, and although it probably doesn’t look like it’s much of a difference, I can tell and that’s all that matters. And since one went through a wash twice, it’s definitely the tiniest bit lighter than the other. I’m hoping that drying might help.

Also, you can definitely tell that the first sock was a prototype–holy errors and wonky gauge batman. The second sock is much better. I’ll be sure to keep that one in focus when I take pictures for the pattern. I think I might have to knit a second pair at some point to have a matching perfect set. Especially since the pattern is so delightful and fun 🙂

With any luck (and some speed and efficiency on the part of my test knitters) the pattern will be ready to go by Friday.


1 Comment

  1. Nancy said,

    Awe Jesh,,, they came out awesome! The color looks great and they look cushy and smooshy!!!!!

    What a great job you did!

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