15 May, 2008 at 9:01 am (knitting)

I figured I should do a little somethin’ special to celebrate 100 posts on this blog (even though this post is #101), as well as 500(!!) comments. So! All you have to do is guess my favorite number. No hints! And don’t try searching my posts, either, because I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned it before.

Winner gets a copy of a certain sock pattern, and I may be persuaded to give away my most recent spinning attempt (which I promise is MUCH better than the first two!) And if more than one person gets it right (or if no one does) I’ll draw someone randomly. This will run ’til, shall we say, Saturday? I should have some other interesting stuff to share with you then, as well.

Okay, ready? GO!



  1. Sade said,

    at random: 27

    Congrats on the 100 post and 500 comments!

  2. krista. said,


  3. Mags said,

    Congrats! And I’m going with 2.

  4. rhiannonrevolts said,

    Hrm. I’ll say 19. Congrats!

  5. vera said,

    i’ll guess….8?

  6. sarah said,


  7. Karen said,

    Happy 100 posts!

    Uhm, 11.

  8. Christy said,


  9. chemgrrl said,

    Being the math geek that you are, I’m guessing your favorite number is e.

    Happy hundred!

  10. artkid said,

    you know, i really should be winning this. i’m sure i know it somewhere in my brain. i’ve only been friends with you for 6 or 7 years almost. i’m so pathetic LOL

    so pathetic that not even 30 seconds after christine asked me to tell her when the show we were watching came back from commercial…i forgot xD hahaha

  11. artkid said,

    i’m guessing 247 because that’s mine. so therefore it has to be yours because you know, i’m that cool.

  12. hyperfine said,

    My vote is 144

  13. Sandy said,


  14. marissa said,

    gotta go with my lucky 13!

  15. Darx said,

    I’m going to go with my own favorite as well, 4.

  16. fiberfiend6891 said,

    Fun idea, and congrats!
    I’m going to say 17.

  17. Akknitter said,


  18. Beverly said,

    My favorite number is 5, so I’ll go with that.

  19. Hilde said,


  20. Nancy said,

    Surprised no one said this yet. 21? Legal drinking age??? LOL

    Happy 101 anyways!

  21. sylviatx said,

    Good for you on the blogging! I’ll say your favorite number must be pi.

  22. Liz said,

    a random guess: 77

  23. artkid said,

    i help me find friends on here? 😦 i have no friends on here 😦

  24. Batty said,

    How about 3? Don’t know why, I like 3.

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