We can haz winner?

17 May, 2008 at 4:16 pm (caturday, life)

The kittens would like you to know that my favorite number is, in fact, the number five, for reasons that I couldn’t possibly explain. It’s just a good number. But this means that Beverly is the winner! She got it right on the nose, and I’ll be sending an email shortly with her prize. And for the record, e and pi are my second and third favorite numbers, respectively. I think 70 is forth, it being the first weird number and all.

And all the cool stuff I promised to show you today? Yeah, not happening. I’ve been having vision problems the last couple of days (complete with a really gross looking eyeball!), which seriously infringed on my getting anything accomplished. Fortunately today I picked up my new glasses, including an awesome magnetized sunshade attachment,

so now I can get some work done. And look totally awesome doing it.



  1. Beverly said,


  2. Darx said,

    So close! And you do look fabulous, indeed.

  3. chemgrrl said,

    Oh man, I was really close! Oh well. Hope you yucky eyeball gets better. That happened to me when I was in third grade. It was great fun in grossing out the boys in my class, so enjoy it while it lasts. 🙂

  4. Merenwen said,

    I wish I could get my cat to sit still when I take photos of her… she likes to sniff my keychain camera, which doesn’t help. At all.

  5. Batty said,

    Yikes, I hope your eyes fix themselves pretty darn quickly!

  6. Ellen said,

    (A) i lost and that makes me sad
    (B) i love your kittens so much they’re adorable
    (C) stephan totally did that to his eyeball once (and actually before i put his eyeball i typed “your number” and i have no idea wtf made me type that LOL)
    (D) i make lists in comments all the time, god i’m weird

  7. artkid said,

    Hey man, it’s just the principal of being the winner LOL

  8. hyperfine said,

    Now, why am I compelled to click any link that promises a really gross looking eyeball? Hope that heals soon.

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