28 May, 2008 at 8:57 pm (spinning)

Knitting is on the outs with me, again; we had terrible humidity and then thunderstorms here, yesterday, which always makes my hands act up, and the inflammation hasn’t calmed down yet, so I’ve had a rather fidgety two days of wondering what the hell to do without my knitting. Of course, I also should’ve been job hunting, but that’s another story. (Anyone looking to hire a 19 year old with decent people skills and a calculator for a brain?)

I briefly considered spinning, but a) I was all but out of fiber (I’ve ordered more) and b) I’m still waiting for my new spindle from Spinsanity. So instead I sat down to read about spinning, figuring I could try to learn a few things while I wait for my fiber and new spindle. And that helped the spinning desire to pass. Uh, not.

Fortunately for me, desperation usually produces inspiration, and I found this lovely little wooden bead while organizing my mum’s bead stash (which, it should be noted, puts my yarn stash to shame), and look! it fits perfectly on a DPN!

The bead is a little uneven, so the spindle itself has a bit of a wobble, but it’s not too bad as long as I keep a decent leader length on it. And I have to stop it every couple of seconds anyway because I am the world’s slowest drafter. But I’m definitely getting much thinner, more consistent singles on this than I was on my beginner’s spindle, and unlike on my beginner’s spindle, I was able to get more than a half an inch out of the small scrap of fiber I had left.

Oh, did I mention that this thing is really, ridiculously tiny? That’s a US1.5 DPN. The whole thing is about the same length as my hand. I’m guessing it weighs maybe a half an ounce, if that. So while I’m certainly not about to start spinning giant skeins of sock yarn on it, it certainly is fun. And it’ll keep the boredom at bay while I procrastinate on getting a job let my hands recover again.




  1. trillian42 said,

    OMG. I thought that was a big bead until I saw that picture with the other spindle! Which means that what you are spinning must be pretty damn thin!

    And I’ve recently discovered the joy that can be found in a drop spindle. I found that the key is having a decent spindle that is balanced. Who knew? 🙂

  2. bezzie said,

    I’m impressed–that looks better than any of the yarn I tried to spindle using a spindle the textbook way.

  3. Nancy said,

    You made a Takhli!!! All you need now is something to use as a bowl and you’ve got yourself a support spindle set! And it looks like it works lovely too!

  4. genuinelye said,

    Jesh, that is so cool! I just got to try out a drop spindle at my yarn store and it was sooo cool! My yarn was so ugly, but it was fun anyway. I love the color of the fiber you’re spinning.

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