Heat wave

10 June, 2008 at 8:18 pm (spinning)

Temperatures here in lovely New Jersey have been pushing triple digits for the past four days, which is my excuse for getting nothing done. Also, I’m waiting on several packages that appear to have been delayed, so my work is delayed until they show up.

But I did manage some spinning!

This is actually the sample of fiber that came along with my spindle–I spun it up before starting the BFL but was lazy about getting pictures. It’s about a light worsted, two-ply, low twist. Maybe ten yards? But I like it.

And work continues on my BFL singles. This picture is all off, color-wise. I’ll get better ones tomorrow.

I think I might start plying once I finish this batch, because I’m anxious to see how it turns out. I also discovered a really awesome video for something called ply on the fly today, and I’m hoping to try that at some point. Looks fun!

And as I type this, it has just started pouring rain. With any luck it’ll be down to normal temperatures by tomorrow.



  1. sylviatx said,

    your singles are coming out so fine and even! you’re a natural! they will ply into beautiful yarn…

  2. Lisa said,

    Love the oh-so-elegant singles holders! ;-p The damp spot on one end worries me, though…

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