Handspun Tuesday!

17 June, 2008 at 12:57 am (FO, spinning)

I meant to have handspun Monday, but there was a cat attack on my yarn and tangling issues that took until now to sort out.


The cats can eat me, though, because I’ve got 200ish yds of sock yarn made entirely by me.


Spindle spun and navajo plied from 2.5 oz of handpainted BFL, 15-16wpi. A little scratchy, but very squishy and pretty darn even, if I do say so myself.


(And before I forget: this here blog was featured in the very first issue of the Teens Knit and Crochet Magazine! Hello to everyone who has made their way here from the article. I promise I will get back to actual knitting content eventually.)



  1. Megera said,

    Great job!!!

  2. » Handspun Tuesday! A Teens: What The World Is Saying About A Teens said,

    […] Tuesday! Posted in June 17th, 2008 by in Uncategorized Handspun Tuesday! (And before I forget: this here blog was featured in the very first issue of the Teens Knit and […]

  3. Spindle Imp said,

    Oh Yum! My feet feel warmer just looking at it!

  4. turtlegirl76 said,

    Wow. That’s absolutely gorgeous! I would never have guessed it was handspun. It looks so even! Great job on the navajo plying.

  5. Nancy said,

    Ditto again from what I said on Ravelry, lol. Except for one thing,,, how the heck did you manage to even do that with the kitty’s around? LOL

    Congrats again!

  6. Felicity said,

    Hi!! Made my way here from Teen Knitter and Crocheter magazine. Fully convinced to keep reading your blog. I love it!

  7. susanwritesandknits said,

    I know it probably wasn’t very funny while it was happening, but I had to laugh a little at the thought of a cat attacking sock yarn. One of those things where you should be really mad, but it’s a cat, so what can you do? It’s a good thing it’s not ruined though, because it’s really pretty.

  8. RedScot said,

    That is beautiful yarn – those colours are right up my street… and it’s so EVEN! Yay! =)

  9. twitchyknitter said,

    It’s lovely!

  10. genuinelye said,

    Very beautiful, Jesh. Those colors rock.

  11. Ellen said,


    but i forgive them 😉

    also CONGRATS cause that’s super cool to be mentioned in anything 😀 i mean, i’m not *sniffle* 😦 but AWESOEM YOU 😀

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