This just in!

19 June, 2008 at 8:33 am (knitting)

Real, live, actual, honest to goodness knitting content! Please, please, applause is not necessary.

First up we have the first clue from the Mystery Anniversary Shawl along.

It took me about two hours to knit this up–after I spent three days agonizing over chart choice. Clue #1 was presented with the option of four different charts, all very subtly different. I am not good with choices. Very not good. I agonized and looked at what other people were knitting up and agonized some more and asked all sorts of people “A, B, C, or D?” to which I mostly just got confused looks, then eventually gave up, used a random number generator, and ended up with A. And guess what? I like it quite a bit. And I’m really hoping that there aren’t choices involved in future clues.

Since I whipped through that so quickly, I needed something else (because heaven forfend* that I work on my dozens of UFOs). Turns out, I cannot resist the call of the handspun sock yarn.

*Firefox does not recognize the word ‘forfend.’ This upsets me nearly as much as it not recognizing the word ‘doughnut’ while accepting ‘donut.’



  1. turtlegirl76 said,

    I shall have to seek out this mystery anniversary shawl group. I do hope it’s not a yahoo group as I don’t have access to those. It’s very pretty! Love how “A” looks. =)

    The socks are knitting up beautifully! Bold to go cuff down. I’d be all over the toe-up so I could make the most of what I spun.

  2. Romi said,

    Oooh! Where’s the mystery Anniversary shawl group? Love it!

  3. Sandy said,

    Beautiful! I’m going to do chart A, too. 🙂

  4. Nancy said,

    Ok lady,, how did you get yours so perfect? Dont tell me that that was on the first try too? I’m on version 4 now, each one is getting better tho. I think I’m partial to Chart A also,, what I did on version 3. I’m just not used to such thin yarn!

    Well going back to the drawing board now,,,, cant wait till next clue in 2 days!

  5. fiberfiend6891 said,

    Oh my goodness. After seeing yours, I decided to join at the last minute – IDK if I even have enough of any one yarn to do it in, but MAN – choices? I might have to just knit every one and see which I like…

    Does this qualify as worse than you? 😛

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