1 July, 2008 at 1:17 pm (FO, spinning)

Take that, non-believers!

I totally crammed every last inch of those singles onto my spindle.


This yarn did not come out exactly as I expected—texture-wise it’s wonderful; squishy and smooth, although I think I still need to spin my singles a little less firmly. But the roving, which was dyed blue and bronze (up Ravenclaw!), had some spots where the dye didn’t go all the way through. Which is no big deal for the blue, since blue mixed with white is just a lighter blue, but it made a good deal of the bronze look rather…

yellow. Still, a perfectly good skein of sock yarn. And did I mention that it’s squishy?

3oz of superwash merino, spun and plied on a .9oz spindle to 14wpi, 275yds.



  1. trillian42 said,

    Holy cow, woman. I didn’t think there was any way to fit any more on that spindle!

    It looks fabulous!

  2. purlsoffastring said,

    That’s gorgeous. Really gorgeous. I’m not there yet with my spinning. Someday…

  3. RedScot said,

    Squishy is good! Sock yarn even better. And that is gorgeous!

  4. stickyfingers said,

    You know, I have a drop spindle — bought it at Rhinebeck, along with LOTS of fibre. I still haven’t even taken it out of the bag.
    I wonder if I ever will.

    FWIW, I totally had faith in you!

  5. Jo said,

    It’s absolutely beautiful. What will you make with it?

  6. Ellen said,

    okay since i’m just way to excited but don’t think i’ll be able to visit you before i go on vacation and i’m dying to learn how to spin, idk why but i am….is there anywhere/way i can learn??? AND WHERE DO I BUY THE FLUFFY, FLUFFY FIBER that i resisted the urge to steal when we hung out haha

    you must make toesocks with your yarn. they’d be such beautiful toesocks.

  7. Deborah said,

    Your pictures are beautiful! If you don’t mind saying, what kind of camera do you use?

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