What’s all this, then?

14 July, 2008 at 5:59 am (crochet!?)

Way, way back when I first started knitting, I also tried a bit of crocheting, since at that point I wasn’t too clear on the difference between the two. Turns out the difference was that knitting clicked for me, and crocheting did not. So I put down the hook and picked up the needles and all was well.

Except I had to look up some crochet instructions the other day (for purposes that will remain secret until later in the week) and all of a sudden got the urge.

The urge for granny squares.

I meant to post about said squares early yesterday; problem is, they go so quickly that I took a picture of the first one, and before I could even get it uploaded, I had four more. So I took a picture of those, but before I could get this post written, another two had shown up. And then another. And now I have ten eleven.

Of course, by my reckoning, I’ll need 100 6″x6″ squares if I want a 5’x5′ blanket. So… I’d better get to it. And I’d better scrounge up some more sock yarn scraps.



  1. turtlegirl76 said,

    I’ve only done the one granny square so far but had I had more yarn handy when that one was finished, I would have made another one immediately. How I’ve resisted since, I don’t know. Your collection is looking nice!

  2. RedScot said,

    Those are cute! I need to get beyond the crochet chain… I love granny squares!

  3. Ellen said,

    aw i love this and it will make a beautiful blanket. mike can crochet. now i feel like such a tool! you knit, mike crochets…haha πŸ˜‰

    i might have to search for that knitting store if i think of it. there’s one downtown near the library actually but idk if they have spinning stuff. maybe i can beg my brother to let me in. my bribe was originally coffee but the cafe in town closed at 5pm (i mean WTF?! NOT OPEN TIL 2?! OR AT LEAST 24 hours?! apparently not…)

    also also, this!

    google brings me such joy. almost as much as a wireless internet connection at the local library (which might i add closes at…..8, not 9. and doesn’t open until about 10 or 11am weird….)

  4. Ellen said,

    ack that image didn’t show up 😦

    so there have that

  5. AJ said,

    Granny squares are crochet crack!!! Go to rehab immediately! If you can put the hook and yarn down. πŸ˜‰

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