What have I gotten myself into?

16 July, 2008 at 10:55 am (knitting)

So there’s this thing going on next month, you might’ve heard of it. The Ravelympics? There’s teams and events and the trials involve swatching and—well okay, if you don’t know how this game is played by now I want to know what rock you’re living under.

I joined. I wasn’t going to, because I didn’t have an appropriately challenging upcoming project, but I was dragged right on in and now here I am, sweater sprinting for team cellular peptide cake (and I have no idea what the team name is about, either, but I was dragged into that too). So, I am forced (forced, I tell you!) to cast aside all of my plans for what to knit next for a Katharine Hepburn Cardigan. I’m fairly certain I don’t have enough yarn for the full length version, but the cropped should suit me just fine. And I’m starting with the sleeves, just in case!


The first part of the trials (swatching) went well; just look at that lovely stitch definition!

The second part is proving to be a bit more problematic.


Those of you who have been reading a while may be aware that I’m a bit of a maths geek. Okay, I’m a really huge maths geek. I love maths and numbers and formulas and differentials and. You get the point. But I hate, abhor, loathe with the burning of a thousand suns, gauge math. I mean, I can sit down and work out the ratios and the multiplications and divisions just fine (and without a calculator, thank you), but there’s so much imprecise-ness to it. My swatch gains a quarter of a stitch per inch if I breathe on it! Can I really round this to the thousandth place or is that .0005 going to come back and bite me later? What if I’m super tense on the day I cast on and knit tighter and EVERYTHING IS RUINED!?

I think I’ve finally got it figured out though. Now I just have to wait three weeks before I can find out.



  1. lilknitter said,

    Cellular peptide cake?!! Thats a Star Trek: NG reference! There’s this episode where Data keeps having these strange dreams and Counsellor Troy is turned into a cellular peptide cake! And I’m the biggest nerd in the world!! 🙂

  2. RedScot said,

    Wow. But still, you’re a better woman than I am! Those numbers…

    :: run away, run away ::


  3. loopykd said,

    I ain’t doin it! You can’t make me!

  4. fiberfiend6891 said,

    Same thing happens to me when working out gauge. Normally I take pride in my math skills, but with gauge math it’s really a knit-and-pray sort of experience.

    I’m doing the olympics as well, and I have a full-time (as in 8:30-5:30) job – going to try to churn out one of those gorgeous Colinette afghan kits anyway…even though it’s summer.

  5. YarnLuvOr said,

    Oh please tell me you know about mint frosting……
    I’m smirking like hell at the color of your sweater……. in a good way 😀

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