Little Red Riding Bag

19 July, 2008 at 11:58 am (caturday, crochet!?, FO)

This is all Cristi’s fault. She posted a third version of her lovely crocheted market bag, I said that I wanted to make one but was suffering from an all wool stash, when the pattern calls for cotton.

So she says, why not just make one in wool then?



I made it a bit wider and shorter than the pattern, and shortened the handles a fair bit, which I’m glad I did because I managed the whole thing in one skein of Cascade 220, with this much yarn left over:

And it’ll be a perfect gift to my mum so she can haul her library books around.

Pattern: Cristi’s crochet market bag. I’m too lazy to find a link—check Ravelry or her blog linked above.
Yarn: Cascade 220, one skein.
Hook: 6mm/J, which is still the only crochet hook I own. I should amend that.
Rav page over this way.

The cats are SO unimpressed with my crochet skillz, although they both gave the bag a good sniffing/scent marking. Kitty is currently too busy pretending that she’s in a tropical paradise to care about anything, though.

(Some quick administrivia: I can now be found on Plurk, and I’m putting more stuff in my etsy store today, including some origami star stitch markers.)



  1. knitasaur said,

    OMG your star markers are so cool! I’ve been making those stars for years, I have this thing about origami but I never would have thought of putting them on stitch markers! You are officially the coolest person of the day.

  2. turtlegirl76 said,

    Yay! The bag looks great! You got me thinking too. I need to make a wool one for the frozen foods at the grocery store. =) And I love me some Cascade 220.

  3. Ellen said,

    p.s. you totally need to help me with this etsy nonsense, how are you shipping your jewelry out? bubblemailers…boxes…??? 😡 halllppppp. cause i need to make money fassssstttttttttt. my poor car is breaking left and right and i’m racking up quite a nice bill at the mechanic’s :\

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