Two of a kind

25 July, 2008 at 7:33 am (caturday, knitting)

My mum freaked me out yesterday when I showed her my sweater sleeves by asking why the cables were crossed wrong on the one I was working on.

After I got over my mild heart attack I explained to her how the cables on the left side of the cardigan are mirrored versions of the ones on the right to create a truly symmetrical piece. It’s actually one of the things that originally caught my eye about the pattern—I always feel that patterns in which all the rope cables cross the same way are somehow off-balance. This kind of attention to the small details is what makes a sweater go from “oh, how pretty!” to “wow, that’s gorgeous“.

I won’t be around much this weekend; Pixisis is picking me up this evening and we’re gonna spend a couple of days cleaning her place and organizing her stash. Have some early Caturday:

(Ovaltine is not ‘raptor food, kitten. Nice try though.)



  1. knitasaur said,

    I’m so like that about cables too! I’m knitting a bag right now that I love, but the only problem I see with the pattern is the decreases between the eyelets aren’t mirrored :p Tiny, tiny detail, but makes such a difference!

    And I do love your kitties. 😀

  2. Batty said,

    That’s really neat about the cables! Truly symmetrical, that’s really important. All those asymmetrical knitting patterns, even the ones that are clearly asymmetrical on purpose, bug me. A lot.

    Kitty has already grown so much!

  3. fiberfiend6891 said,

    I agree about the cables. And would also have had a mild heart attack. 😉

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